that’s ill!

wow. it’s been quite a week. it seems that just about every second person i encounter, is ill or is experiencing some kind of drama. and i’ve had both.

ok, so a quick run-down of the past week. last thursday night i met up with a group of actors and pr folks from work at the “emily the strange” launch at 44 stanley, the little boutique mall in auckland park. it was an event organized by a friend of mine and the models looked pretty cool and edgy in their emo outfits. very “suicide girl”. i wore one of the line of dresses i’m working on launching and one of my co-stars, rolanda, wore a one-off  she’d bought from me. both dresses had a great response from everyone. getting lots of encouragement about this new venture. had a pretty great time, most of which was spent in the bar. eventually a number of us regrouped at my house around the heater. i made pop-corn, got out some snacks and we proceeded to raid the liquor cabinet while doing a post-mortem of the fact that one of the people in the party had just been car-jacked.

yes, you heard right.

he’d left the party to go to the gas station and as he was leaving, a bakkie (small truck) pulled infront of him and cut him off. the driver came towards his car and said that everything was fine, but that my friend had left his credit-card at the gas station. as he checked his wallet, he looked up to find  a gun in his face. someone else appeared at his passenger door  and got in. they then drove him to rosettenville and proceeded to take all his cash, cards and  all the snacks he’d just bought at the gas-station and then for some unfathomable reason, let him drive away. the poor guy was underplaying the experience, but he’s pretty shaken up. he was up from cape town for a few weeks and it was his last few days in jhb. i’m sure he’s glad to get the hell out of here.

next morning i was up at the crack with the worst hangover. from hell. and nothing i did seemed to help at all. what i didn’t realize, was that the hangover had segued into (another) migraine. and nothing i did seemed to help at all. OUCH!  one of the camera guys at work offered to kill whoever was responsible for the state i was in and i sheepishly had to admit that that would be me!


the tapas platter

saturday, finally after a year of blogging, i made it to a bloggirls lunch. we, philly girl, ruby letters, mellisoo, boldly benny, angel’s mind, doodles of a journo and arkwife and i , met at cafe sofia in greenside and shared a pitcher or two of sangria and a platter of tapas with angel’s cupcakes being the cherry on top. great to meet some fellow bloggers and make the virtual connections real.

angel's cupcakes

angel's cupcakes

i wore my robe out on sunday

i wore my robe out on sunday

realized at lunch that i was getting sick though, so i stopped at the pharmacy for a voltaren suppository and something for the sinus infection/cold/whatever that was getting ready to chop me down at the ankles. got home and snuggled into thenew fleece robe/coat  i’d spent the morning making and decided to ditch my  contact lenses and get comfortable. as i took out my second lens, it disappeared. i looked all over the basin(with my nose almost right against the porcelain) and when i couldn’t find it, decided that it was probably still in my eye. note to self: be a little more careful digging around around parts of your body which the smallest pressure can turn to jelly. OMG! i did myself such damage. my eye was hurting like a mother (even more so with the migraine applying pressure from within!) and was red and angry looking and gelatinous.



the short story. my character has suddenly been wearing glasses this week to disguise my only now beginning to heal red eye and talking rather (literally)  snottily through her nose. let’s just say that i’ve been feeling VERY sorry for myself.

at least mercury is no longer retrograde so hopefully all the drama will abate soon. i can’t wait.

16 thoughts on “that’s ill!

    • it certainly was! thank somebody’s god it’s MUCH better now. not entirely healed, but so much better than before. i was scared i’d done myself some permanent damage, especially ‘cos my grandfather went blind. yikes! very grateful.

  1. yay for meeting awesome fellow bloggers in real life:) Am still feeling pretty crap too…but it seems to be lifting ever so slightly. Feel better soon!!! *hugs*

  2. Those crime horror stories freak me out- the total randomness of it all. How many of these things never make it to the papers?
    Lives get destroyed over cellphones, money or cars. Shocking.
    We’re all survivors, I guess.

  3. Oh you poor thing, what a week!

    Glad your colleague survived the hijack drama and lives to tell the tale!!

    Hopefully this weekend will be much better for you! Do we get to see pictures of the dress you wore to the party?

  4. @scott you know, i’ve been a statistic a few times myself and i just hate it so much to hear about other people becoming statistics. really spoils my day.
    @swisstwist – i thought about it, but then decided that i’d save it for a post about the dresses. watch this space! 😉

  5. Crapping hell, your poor eye. I could never handle contact lenses, I mean how do you lose them i your eyeball?

    I hope you feel better.

  6. Ever since Mercury un-retrograded itself, we have had nothing but drama going down… miscommunications, car accidents and the works. You see why I don’t believe in astrology?

    I LOVE your robe (and your dog)!

    • @tamara hmn… i used to not believe either, but…
      that’s my “baby”, zee in the robe pic with me. we still refer to her as the “small” dog, but she’s now bigger than the other one! i think i’m going to have to make more of these robes. have been getting a good reaction to it, so thanks! 🙂

  7. Why did you have to post the picture of the cupcakes?!? Now I want one again…

    It was awesome to meet you at Bloggirls too. Lets hope we get to have at least one more before I pop 🙂

    • yeah, those cupcakes… sigh. what can i say, but that they alone are enough inspiration to get to bloggirls! 😉

    • @wenchy i think you should! @angel your cupcakes are sinful – specially those red velvet ones you’ve been teasing everyone with on twitter! ditto re your blog. i’ve got you on my bogroll now! 😉

  8. It was so cool to meet you, and having only “chatted” a little on twitter I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly now too.
    I’m so glad you all liked the cupcakes so much! I’ll give some thought as to what kind to bake for the next one.
    Love the robe.

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