take it from me: growing old isn’t child’s-play… not by a long shot.

i was about to start training with a new trainer – you know, trying to jumpstart a new body after binneland. however, once he took my blood pressure (repeatedly), he declined to train me without a letter from my doctor.

i was thoroughly annoyed.

throughout my life, my BP has been either normal, or low. in fact, when i saw my doc for the flu about a month ago, it was perfectly normal. obviously these readings were an abberration…

so, i reluctantly made an appointment with my gp who’s been my dr for years now, and had a ripley’s moment… my BP was still through the roof and way above the norm for me.

fast-forward: instead of being at the gym working on chiselling out a new body, i was being fitted with a 24-hr blood pressure monitor. let me tell you, i don’t wish that thing on anybody. it measures your BP every 30 minutes with an uncomfortable, vice-like grip. i felt like my arm would explode like those over-ripe zombie-heads on “the walking dead”. today my arm is numb and sore and i’ve officially been relegated to the over-the-hill crowd with once-a-day BP meds. my BP is fracking me!!!

and now i’ve spent the equivalent of the trainer’s fee on medical stuff in any case. damn, as i said on fb earlier tonight,

“wouldn’t it be fabulous if age came only with wisdom, experience and knowledge and none of the atrophy that is so determined to turn us into dust?”

because i’m starting to feel decidedly like i’m crumbling… and this atrophy is certainly not “a trophy” i want on my shelf.

this blows

man, sinus infections suck. or should i say blow? or rather, drip? or all of the above?

i should know by now that i get chronic sinus infections in winter and especially when i fly. and that’s exactly what happened. a few days after i flew back from cape town last week, i realized that the tight feeling in my chest was probably the beginning of me coming down with something. because i’ve been here before and i know how ill i can get from it, i promptly went to the doctor. walked out of the pharmacy with another R1500 weighing down my credit card.

fast-forward 4 days and i was worse! i felt like i had glass shards in my chest and razor blades in my throat despite taking my meds religiously and using saline flushes. i was beginning to have flashbacks to last year when i felt like i was dying. and of course, right now i have a big storyline starting at work and you know the old adage, the show must go on. so i sneeze and coughe and blow my way through my scenes. i finally had to give in and start a course of cortisone and a second antibiotic. i always say no to cortisone because it makes me incredibly puffy which looks terrible on screen, but it really has made all the difference. everone who’d been so concerned at work,  commented on the fact that i look better today. i guess i was looking like the walking dead the past few days.

of course now it feels like i have a head and lungs filled with glue, but at least i know it’s a sign that i’m getting better. so, if you haven’t been felled by something yet this winter, try to keep it that way. up your intake of vitamin c, wash your hands and keep your immune system strong.

i really wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

bust a move!

a life-time of ballet, dancing, gymning, cardio-kick-boxing, hooping, cycling, hiking and just generally being active and taking my body for granted , seems to have finally caught up with me.

i’ve spent most of the last two months sitting, thinking that taking a rest-cure would help heal my incredibly painful back and knee. not so much. the only thing that happened is that my lard-ass grew even lardier. and at my age, let me tell you, once you gain weight  it’s like a damn leech – it just does not want to let go.

i finally took to twitter looking for a chiropractor to see if that would sort me out. amazingly, 3 (incredibly painful) sessions later, after some dry-needling (yup, i once again was getting jabbed), some electrical stimulation and some major chiropractic adjustments, i’m moving again.

i even have a new personal trainer who miraculously made her appearance out of n0-where. she comes to my house, she adjusts her schedule to suit me and we’re taking things really easy. ok, so i have yet to go and see a physio about my knee, but for now i’m sticking my head in the sand where that’s concerned. i’m just so glad to get up off my saartjie baartman butt and get moving again.


falling down on the job…

it seems the opinion of some people at work is that i’m accident-prone. now why ever would they think such a thing?!  😉  though i guess,  looking at the statistics, i can’t really refute that.

since i started working on binnelanders (we won’t even go into what happened before!), here’s the impressive  list of things i’ve been through:

  • about 6 months after i started, driving down the road, i got a shot-gun pellet in the eye. long story. major impact on shooting. court case. still have the shot-gun pellet in my eye-lid.
  • during the break between season 1 and 2, back in the states, out in the desert, a friend gave me some water out of what turned out to be a dirty container. wound up in hospital on morphine after a week of gastro. had pig’s-feet playboy-bunny hallucinations. don’t ask.
  • a few years ago, i decided that i needed to get a laser peel. yes, vanity, thy name is… you’ve probably read the posts and seen the (pretty gross) pix. huge disaster. burnt, puffy, puss-y face. hyper-pigmentation to this day. couldn’t shoot. major impact on shooting.
  • a crew member tried to *crack* my back, sent my intercostal muscles into spasm and left me curled up on the floor unable to breathe. ER, lots of pain.
  • lost my contact lens in my eye and in the search for it,  burst a blood vessel. had to wear glasses as disguise.
  • moved my seat in a restaurant, not realizing the chair was broken and got my  finger caught between the seat and the frame. major, unbelievable pain, blood all over  the table. probably needed stitches. took months to heal. scarred for life.
  • visited a new friend’s house, and walked into his glass coffee-table (long story, i was sober, but had a pretty darn good excuse to get sloshed after). gash below my knee. should have gotten stitches. scarred for life.
  • sliced the tip of my little finger off while cooking valentine’s dinner. ER, stitches, expensive, sore. result, missing about 3mm.
  • huge bruises and scratches down my thigh from being dragged down the road by my dog on my s-ass! not impressed.
  • hula hoop in eye resulting in a burst blood vessel which made me look like a demon. major issues shooting. editors having to paint in hundreds of frames. still have scenes to re-shoot, making me less than popular at work.

so it would seem that they may be right. irony is, most of the above was way beyond my control.

i drove a motor-cycle for 5 yrs before i even drove a car, and for the first 6 months i had about 5 accidents involving no one, but myself and i still have the scars to show for it. after the last one i just decided that that was that. i was done with having accidents and i never had another. unless you count the motorcycle being stolen as an accident!

so, seems it’s about time i made that decision again. enough’s enough. i’ll try to keep my ass off the asphalt, and no more  pokes in the eye with a sharp stick!

to your health.

i thought i’d do a little update on some  health issues that i’ve mentioned before.

first of all, the finger. you might remember that i wound up in the ER on valentine’s day after attempting to make my finger part of the meal i was preparing. a few stitches and some painkillers later, i was all good. sort-of. it took about a week before i could remove the stitches and now it’s looking pretty normal. it’s still pretty sensitive when i bash it into something, but you only notice the fact that it’s 3 millimetres shorter than the other when i line them up to compare.

as for the depression which nearly made me feel like jumping off a bridge in january, that too seems to be something of the past. yes, i still have highs and lows, but i no longer feel like i’m free-falling and  about to go splat. obviously i am one of those many women who simply cannot handle hormones and even though i was on the pill for 18 years till i stopped about 10 yrs ago, and never noticed that it affected my psyche, now it’s impossible. 6 wks on the pill and i was ready to off myself. offing the pill instead, made a world of difference. hallelujah! a homeopath friend has also suggested that i take some 5htp for a while to boost my serotonin levels. so, if you’re on the pill and you’re feeling depressed, it just might be time to see your doctor and see if the one has something to do with the other.

as for my sciatica. let’s just say i still have a bum hip and i’m still not running. 😦 i probably have to go back for a few more jabs from the mean accupuncturist.

oh, and the 4-legged one is healing fantastically so far. if we could just keep her from acting as if there’s nothing wrong with her, she’ll be fine.

so, that’s the latest on my health. here’s to yours.

the patient

having a  highly impatient 4 legged patient has made life interesting indeed.

of course the little bitch promptly pulled out here stitches. result of which: she got a cone which made her walk into walls, into the back of my  legs, into the door-jambs and the bed. she nearly strangled herself twice when  she felt she had to save me from drowning (long story). she’s woken me up countless times with the sound of her licking. and then she started sounding like a carton a day smoker – hoarse and coughing; the most distressing sound.

turns out she came back from the hospital with kennel cough, which thankfully is all but gone. now 2 weeks since her surgery, she seems to think there’s nothing wrong with her. it’s tough to keep her controlled when she wants to go galloping around. i arrive home and she’s virtually bouncing up and down with excitement.

the long and short of it is that this morning i took out the last remaining stitch which has tenaciously resisted her removal efforts and now it’s just a matter of time. she’s allowed to walk for 15 minutes a day for the next 4 weeks and then she has her freedom once again. for now she’s being confined to a room or leashed on the stoep when we’re not home, but give it a minute and she’ll be racing around.

x-rays, mri and operation: roughly R13 000

her fantastic recovery: priceless!

post-surgery post

our baby’s back home! and this time i *am* talking about the 4-legged one.

zee had surgery on friday to move her patella from the inside of her leg to it’s rightful place. you can not imagine the deathly silence in this house with her gone. chai, our chow-retriever was moping, not knowing where zee was. he’s so respectful and quiet that except for the occasional response to the neighborhood doggy-telephone, one would almost think that this household was dog-free.

zee was supposed to come home today, but we were missing her so much that yesterday morning the bf announced: i miss that bitch! let’s bring her home! so we went and got her from the specialist vet in randpark ridge (it’s the place where just about all canine surgeries in johannesburg are done). our thinking was that she would be so much better off in familiar surroundings than a cage at the vet. and i think we’re right.

she was so excited to see us. though the bandage covering most of her hind leg made her look so fragile, she’s absolutely fine. alert, happy to be home and queen of her domain. we’re keeping her still – she spends most of her time lying under the bf’s feet and tomorrow we’ll take off the bandage. she has to be kept confined and still for the next 6 weeks, but then the vet says she’ll be so much better. i doubt she’ll ever be 100% what with her hip dysplasia and arthritis, but can you imagine that 2 wks ago we were thinking we might have to do the unthinkable?!

we’re a whole lot poorer, but so happy that she’s on her way to being pain-free and her usual lovable pain-in-the-ass self again.