that’s ill!

wow. it’s been quite a week. it seems that just about every second person i encounter, is ill or is experiencing some kind of drama. and i’ve had both.

ok, so a quick run-down of the past week. last thursday night i met up with a group of actors and pr folks from work at the “emily the strange” launch at 44 stanley, the little boutique mall in auckland park. it was an event organized by a friend of mine and the models looked pretty cool and edgy in their emo outfits. very “suicide girl”. i wore one of the line of dresses i’m working on launching and one of my co-stars, rolanda, wore a one-off  she’d bought from me. both dresses had a great response from everyone. getting lots of encouragement about this new venture. had a pretty great time, most of which was spent in the bar. eventually a number of us regrouped at my house around the heater. i made pop-corn, got out some snacks and we proceeded to raid the liquor cabinet while doing a post-mortem of the fact that one of the people in the party had just been car-jacked.

yes, you heard right.

he’d left the party to go to the gas station and as he was leaving, a bakkie (small truck) pulled infront of him and cut him off. the driver came towards his car and said that everything was fine, but that my friend had left his credit-card at the gas station. as he checked his wallet, he looked up to find  a gun in his face. someone else appeared at his passenger door  and got in. they then drove him to rosettenville and proceeded to take all his cash, cards and  all the snacks he’d just bought at the gas-station and then for some unfathomable reason, let him drive away. the poor guy was underplaying the experience, but he’s pretty shaken up. he was up from cape town for a few weeks and it was his last few days in jhb. i’m sure he’s glad to get the hell out of here.

next morning i was up at the crack with the worst hangover. from hell. and nothing i did seemed to help at all. what i didn’t realize, was that the hangover had segued into (another) migraine. and nothing i did seemed to help at all. OUCH!  one of the camera guys at work offered to kill whoever was responsible for the state i was in and i sheepishly had to admit that that would be me!


the tapas platter

saturday, finally after a year of blogging, i made it to a bloggirls lunch. we, philly girl, ruby letters, mellisoo, boldly benny, angel’s mind, doodles of a journo and arkwife and i , met at cafe sofia in greenside and shared a pitcher or two of sangria and a platter of tapas with angel’s cupcakes being the cherry on top. great to meet some fellow bloggers and make the virtual connections real.

angel's cupcakes

angel's cupcakes

i wore my robe out on sunday

i wore my robe out on sunday

realized at lunch that i was getting sick though, so i stopped at the pharmacy for a voltaren suppository and something for the sinus infection/cold/whatever that was getting ready to chop me down at the ankles. got home and snuggled into thenew fleece robe/coat  i’d spent the morning making and decided to ditch my  contact lenses and get comfortable. as i took out my second lens, it disappeared. i looked all over the basin(with my nose almost right against the porcelain) and when i couldn’t find it, decided that it was probably still in my eye. note to self: be a little more careful digging around around parts of your body which the smallest pressure can turn to jelly. OMG! i did myself such damage. my eye was hurting like a mother (even more so with the migraine applying pressure from within!) and was red and angry looking and gelatinous.



the short story. my character has suddenly been wearing glasses this week to disguise my only now beginning to heal red eye and talking rather (literally)  snottily through her nose. let’s just say that i’ve been feeling VERY sorry for myself.

at least mercury is no longer retrograde so hopefully all the drama will abate soon. i can’t wait.

everything is going to be alright.

may i admit that i am, at this moment, in a very quiet way, happy?

image found online

original image by Janice Dunn

my life is in so many ways uncertain. i have no idea what will happen next. i am feeling this global recession as severely as the next person. i’m soon going to be self-employed.  i’ve been suffering the worst migraine ever. mercury has turned retrograde. again. but i’m sort of happy. and i’m saying it out loud. cos i think whenever i feel this way, i’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, always waiting for the moment to pass, not fully appreciating the now because i’m so aware of the fact that all emotions are transient. that the wheel is constantly turning. that we have to experience the entire gamut of emotions in order to fully appreciate them all, the good and the bad, the sheer exuberance of joy and the dreadful doldrums of unhappiness.


today i woke early. i got a quick cuddle before i scurried off into the cold. i worked. i finished off a few knitting projects. i crossed a few items off my to-do list. i hula-hooped to justin timberlake in my living room. i hung out with my dogs. it stormed and my roof didn’t leak. i had smoked oysters and sliced tomato and herzoggies for lunch.  i had a good chat with a lovely friend.

and i realized that i’m quietly happy and that even if it lasts just for this moment, i’m going to acknowledge it.

and whatever happens next, it will all be ok.

everything is going to be alright.

at least it wasn’t on the carpet!

ok, so i’ve been in pissy, fucked off mood the last few days.

woke up sunday morning after one of my favorite directors at work’s birthday party, with what i thought was just a (well-deserved, jaegermeister-induced) hangover. a few hours later though, after regurgitating my breakfast and then not even being able to keep down any water, i realized that i had a spot of food-poisoning or a tummy bug. unfortunately i have a propensity for stomach ailments (once even landed up in hospital on morphine hallucinating playboy bunnies with cloven hooves as a result, but that’s another story). i spent all day weak and feeling sorry for myself while the b.f. was out using my car, seeing that he recently wrote his off

he finally gets home hours after he said he would and immediately starts being pissy with me about the state of the kitchen, wanting to know what i’ve been doing all day. uh, throwing up, or as i overheard a girl proclaiming loudly at some party, “it was coming out of both ends of me! *giggle, giggle*”. didn’t you hear me on the phone, earlier? then he wants me to help him clean the kitchen which is still dirty from when i prepared food for us and our guests the night before. that just pissed me the fuck off. so feeling like crap, i cleaned the kitchen while he sat on his ass. no sympathy for the fact that i’m not feeling well, just judgement. 



monday i wake up still unsure of my stomach and with a foul pissy-mood hangover from the night before. there’s little communication between the b.f. and i and what there is, is seriously squiff. mercury has for sure turned retrograde . communication once again gone for a ball of…

later a close friend who spends hours bending my ear about the sundry dramas of her life, calls up and says she’s coming over, then calls to say she wants to meet with the b.f. – alone – at a local restaurant. huh? he wants to use my car. by this time i’m in fucked over overdrive. no. take a walk.


i’ve been having a major e-mail fight with my american accountant who handles my american taxes about paperwork he wants from me. more mercury retrograde communication crap which is not improving my mood. my separated-from-husband has been driving my car and has gotten a ticket (a moving violation – which in the states is a big deal) which he’s not dealt with and which will now go on my record. now i have to sign paperwork to stop the fine from being doubled. fuck!

not having a printer or fax makes carrying out these mundane tasks somewhat difficult. so i go to the local postnet to print out the form, sign it and then have it faxed. i realize that i need to stay away from home or i will kill someone. i decide to take care of myself. i go for a manicure and pedicure – something i took for granted in l.a., but now a luxury i rarely allow myself since i’ve moved to johannesburg. 

then i take myself to see mama mia. when i sit down, i search for my phone to turn it off, but i can’t find it and i don’t know whether i left it in the car or not. the movie is somewhat disappointing. i’m a die-hard meryl fan, but she doesn’t do it for me in this one. and pierce brosnan really shouldn’t attempt to sing. REALLY. all the while, i keep wondering whether i didn’t leave my phone somewhere. when i leave i speak to the manager of the cinema and use his phone to call mine. it’s turned off, usually a sure sign that the phone’s been stolen. fuck! typical, mercury retrograde!

i drive to the police station to report the loss, but the station is closed! wtf? when i get home, i discover a miracle (especially for south africa!). a good samaritan picked up my phone where i left it on the counter at kauai while picking up my vege-burger. he called my mom, and then called the b.f. and he was holding my phone for me till i could pick it up. my goodness, honest people still exist. thank you chris from northcliff!

and then i get message from po over at spindrifting seamonkey to say my blog’s won a seamonkey blogademy award! OMG, i’m speechless! ok, not really, but… my first blog award! first of all i’d like to thank dog – without that bitch, i wouldn’t have so much to moan about, i might have a few more pairs of unchewed shoes and bras and underwear, but still. and then i’d like to thank me, myself and i. i really couldn’t do it without you! 

though all facetiousness aside, thanks po! really cool of you and congrats on yours! and so, i’m beginning to think i’m just going to ignore the fact that mercury’s retrograde and try to pollyanna my way through the next 6 weeks. 

i even got up to go for an early morning run (5k’s – 33m57) and wasn’t phased by the uncharacteristic, steaming pile of shit one of my dog’s had left for me in the middle of the floor. 

hey, at least it wasn’t on the carpet.


mercury is retrograde.

there is no doubt.

did you lose/break/displace your cell-phone recently? were you late for a flight or was your flight delayed? did your car break down unexpectedly? did you have a conversation in which everything said was misinterpreted and words turned into a war of silence? did communication give you a miss?

yup, mercury retrograde. and you can expect 3 more heaping weeks full of it.

or is it simply that WE’RE all full of it?!

back on track….


literally. sort of. today, a post about running, the original catalyst for this blog, though one long superceded by other minutiae. or lately, some rather momentous events here on the southern-most  tip of africa.

went back to the track today after 2 weeks off. have really been taking people’s advice to heart (my heart!) about not exercising when suffering from respiratory illness, so i’ve avoided damage to my heart muscle.  my scale, on the other hand, might just have sustained some damage in the last 14 days!

anyway, i ran 10 laps, 4kms. could’ve gone for 5k’s, but i thought it would be better to start off easy. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i actually enjoyed it, even though i must admit to procrastinating before-hand. i think i actually missed it! chatted to maria mutola who was also training on the wet track. she leaves for oregon tomorrow and soon for europe to prepare for the olympics.
new discovery; mesh top shoes make for wet feet when it’s been raining. not pleasant. and yes, it’s raining in johannesburg, way beyond the rainy season! climate change, anyone?



Mercury, Divine Messengerand for those of you who believe in it, as well as for those who don’t, be warned, mercury’s gone retrograde and will only return on july 4th. independence day! i’ve had people pshaw me when i’ve told them about mercury retrograde and how it can affect one. they soon changed their tune after some personal experience, though!

watch what you say and how you say it. expect travel delays, communication mishaps, electronic glitches, etc.

more info here.

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you’ve come a long way, baby!

jeez, i’m feeling decidedly ancient! we have a new actor on our show and it turns out that i am exactly twice as old as he is! i think i look fairly decent for my age, but damn, acting opposite someone half one’s age is enough to make one feel decrepit.

anyway, what with eskom’s scheduled “load shedding” leaving us all in the dark and powerless, i only got out of the studio at 7pm and there was no way i was going to repeat the running the track in the dark experience. it was all i could do to decide what pizza to order ( yay, more cheese after my cheese toast in the morning. very unusual seeing that i normally avoid dairy what with being so allergic to it) and make my way to the couch.
what a strange day! started out banging my head and nearly giving myself a black eye on the edge of the step-stool in the kitchen as i bent to pick something up. then i bashed my thigh into the table. next i dropped the sandwich i’d spent 10 minutes making. later i closed my nail in the toilet door. and then something went wrong with the equipment in the studio while we were trying to shoot my first scene of the day. a weirdness seeming to permeate the air. feel like i’ve got my own private mercury retrograde at the moment.
fortunately the cough from the night before seemed to fade away. though i am suddenly eating like a horse. been about 3 weeks since i drank any alcohol, but either it’s the time of month, or all this running which is majorly boosting my appetite.
day 5 this week. yup, i’ve come a long way, baby! probably because i don’t smoke virginia slims or anything else for that matter! ran 3 sets of 2 laps each. 1 lap walking to start off with and inbetween. still largely mind over matter. on the last set i decided to run at a pace that i enjoy, rather than pushing, but i was still panting at the end. roughly 5 minutes per set, 2.30 or less per lap.
i persevere. it’s going to become fun even if it kills me!
ha. bloody ha.