pu-za* thursday!

the silly, social season seems to have begun and being gainfully un- i mean self-employed at the moment, gives me great lee-way to get myself in trouble. i don’t have to be up at 5am or have some pressing business to attend to, so suffice to say that after going to visit with good friends whom i haven’t seen in months, i stumbled home at 7am, barefoot…

why barefoot? because the dog ate my shoe, miss… s’trues bob! guess that’s what happens when you take your shoes off around a rambunctious puppy!

at least the stumble home wasn’t a walk of shame. well, not that kind.

and i didn’t drink and drive! 🙂

p.s. i recently discovered that both santam and fnb have a drive-home service for their clients which can be used 6 times a year. so, if you’ve been drinking, need to get home without breaking the law or endangering others, and are a client of either, use them! or there’s always that uber-app on your phone.
santam – 086 0505911
fnb take me home service – 011-991 8679
don’t drink and drive. stay alive.

*in south africa puza means drunk and puza thursday, when people lubricate themselves into the weekend, has become an institution.

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