when we did the sass designs shoot over the weekend, jenty roped in a few more photogs as she knew there’d be so many of us to shoot. alana meyer just posted some of the pix she took on her blog and the ladies look seriously gorgeous!

and please allow me to boast – i don’t have any pix yet, but sass designs was proudly worn by 2 safta winners last weekend! my gorgeous, talented and minute friend, maggie benedict, won best actress in a tv series. she was wearing a black a-line dress and elma postma was one of the sewende laan cast who wore a new design, also in black.

so proud!


shoot! it’s sass designs!

the other thing that made the weekend so awesome, other than the news about my dog, was the long-awaited bloggirl/twitter sass designs shoot with jenty. it was utterly exhausting, but i couldn’t be happier with the results. the girls look fabulous and jenty managed to capture the most natural shots which was exactly what i wanted. real women looking gorgeous in sass designs. (i’d love it if you joined the fb page.)

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thank you jenty, you rock! check out the real pictures here and here. (we’re still waiting for pix from alana and 2 other photogs recruited by jenty to help out) and thank you philly-girl, ruby, gina, tamaryn, angel, leigh-ann, tanya and martha for a really fun afternoon and nadia for both organizing the afternoon and volunteering her parent’s stunning house for the shoot.


making a spectacle…

ok, so angel wanted to know why i hadn’t posted a pic of my outfit for the you spectacular.

because i didn’t have one, that’s why! even though i started a pic a day blog at the beginning of the year, and i’m usually good about following through once i’ve started something, i just haven’t had the time and lately i just haven’t been taking many pix. especially not of myself. so the 365 project got shuttered i’m afraid!

one of our crowd did, however, manage to get a shot of me as we were leaving for the shindig the other night, so angel, just for you, here it is!

making a spectacle of myself...

spectacular spectacle

having not been here for a while, i find myself with so much to tell you, but i think bite sized chunks will be more digestible, so i’ll just tell you about the weekend.

saturday night was the you spectacular.

these events are so peculiar, there is so much artifice, but it’s part of the business i’m in, so we dress up and we have our picture taken, do our little sound bites and we air kiss and behind our raised hands we make snarky comments and give desultory applause as the “winners” are announced. i probably shouldn’t be saying this, but i’m telling it like i see it. i can say the mc, nic rabinowitz was very funny and managed to get the jaded crowd laughing with his spot-on impersonations.

i dressed maggie benedict, one of the gorgeous young actresses on binnelanders for the event and she looked gorgeous. a few binnelanders cast members gathered at my house to get ready and have a pre-event cocktail before we convoyed over to emperor’s palace. (doesn’t emperor’s palace bring to mind the emperor’s clothes? that fable about people not willing to speak the truth…… hmn……)

maggie came for a fitting in the chaos that is my sewing store room


i also wore something from sass designs, but seeing as i feel like the oros (wo)man at the moment, i opted for much accessorizing, including the bluest of eye-shadows and a crazy feathered concoction on my head to match the feather boa. all rather OTT to distract the attention from the fact that i am at the moment, the embodiment of va-va-va-voom!  i also wore the most beautiful swarovski crystal bracelet which proved to be a nightmare, snagging my dress and i have to publicly apologise to one of my favorite people, jared orlin, entertainment ed. at you magazine and fellow blogger, because i suspect that i ruined his spectacular suit when i gave him a hug and got attached. i’m so sorry jared! 😦

i think lasz is closing his eyes in disbelief.

and i never thought i’d see the day, but here i am with the koekemoer himself who really is the sweetest fellow. nice to meet you vern!

i should have taken a pic of the dinner – each person was served an entire baby chicken which most people didn’t even touch. we asked the servers whether they’d be able to take some of the food home with them, and i was appalled to hear that every single item of food got thrown away. well, we were having none of  it at our table, so, dressed to the nines, we emptied out the goodie bags and filled them with the untouched chickens from our table. we spread the word to the rest of the binnelanders cast and i think there were  a number of very happy car guard/security guys in the parking lot when we left.  we must have looked very odd, shoving chickens into our bags, but i really couldn’t care less. it’s the waste that freaks me out. surely there must be a way to recycle food from these events where a lot of the people don’t even eat, to people who are going hungry and in dire need. any ideas how to do this, people?

i used to be one of the die-hards at these events, but i think i’ve gotten sane over the years. we called it early enough for me to be pretty much sober still by the time we left. 😉 and seeing that i was planning on being up early to do my 67 minutes for madiba day, i was happy to leave the draining of the dregs to the party-people. as robin, one of the other actresses and i were saying as we left the party – comes a time when you make-up is going south, your outfit is wrinkled, your feet hurt, and if you drink anymore, you’re bound to make a fool of yourself and even then the walk back to the car in torturous stilettos in interminable.

i’m so glad i now know when to exchange my glad rags for my pj’s.  and i’m glad to do it gladly.

if i don’t see you through the week, i’ll see you through the window

so life around here has slowed to something a little more manageable, and yet i’ve not gotten round to updating any the more frequently.

so, here goes:

  • the bf survived his emergency surgery ordeal with a more than 30cm incision. all in all pretty scary, but his determination and resilience won out and he was home within a week. he even asked them to stop giving him morphine in the hospital, because it was making him “stupid”. it meant an insane amount of pain till they found a replacement pain-killer, but he did it. he’s been driving and back at week since about 10 days after surgery. “my hero”! 🙂
  • timing is everything… the day after he got home from the hospital, i had to leave town for  a week. someone i’d met at a boutique show organized for me to be part of NAMPO – an annual agricultural show which i’d never heard of before, but which is huge. and also takes place in the heart of binnelanders (i still haven’t gotten used to called it binneland sub judice) fandom. i’ve never had as many people want autographs or posed for as many cell-phone pictures. without the fans though, the show is nothing, so i hope i did it with good grace. the week  was damned hard work let me tell you. i’d been told that we’d be staying on a wildfarm. i wasn’t told that the wildfarm was 2hrs drive away from NAMPO PARK!!! OMG! it meant getting up at an average of 5a.m. every morning, driving for 2 hrs, setting up, doing an hour long fashion show every morning, then manning the booth where the dresses were being sold. fortunately ricci, who used to play my daughter on tv, was along to assist. without her, i don’t know how i would’ve coped! at the end of an interminable day during which it was an interesting quest to find something to eat which hadn’t formerly stood around on all-fours, we would finally make our way at dusk for the 2hr trek back to the wildfarm. we would leave before light and get back way after dark. at least one morning we left just as dawn was breaking and the sight of the many animals along the gravel road was amazing. i remember tweeting something about heavy traffic – a herd of wildebeest crossing the road. 🙂
  • 2 days in a row during nampo week, we had interesting travel experiences. while on the previously mentioned gravel road we suddenly heard a deafening explosion. everyone was in a daze and it took a moment to realize that a stone had flown up and activated the side airbag. the smell of gunpowder hung in the air as we gingerly recomposed ourselves. next day we came upon a car on the side of the road, the front end crumpled in upon itself. turned out a truck had lost one of it’s tyres and at 6a.m. had managed to almost take out a family of 5 in the only other vehicle on the road. fortunately the adults and 2 kids were fine, just in a state of intense shock. we stuck around for about an hr making sure that help arrived, seeing that i am not a doctor, i only play one on tv. :/
  • at the studio i fortunately have not had much of a storyline, which is great because i’ve been able to deal with sass designs stuff, but it’s also weird. give me 10 scenes and i’ll be word-perfect. give me 2 lines and i won’t even remember my name. i proved that to myself last week. not fun. the whole soap-acting thing is really like a muscle which needs to be exercised. use it or lose it. oh well. that’s the way story arcs go – my 7-7 , m-f will come soon enough and then i’ll be complaining about that! 😉
  • i’m trying to get a little more publicity for the clothing line – right now i’ve got some stock, but very little in the business bank account, so i need to generate sales. am doing a photo-shoot/ interview for tydskrif rapport on thursday for  some much needed publicity, even though i feel like a house once again. i watched a bit of the comrades and  i swear, if there weren’t thousands of people doing it, i’d say it was impossible. it did get me thinking about getting off the couch again and revisiting those 10k races i did a few years ago.
  • did you guys catch the rugby? we had some friends over and had a grand ole time. probably part of why i feel like a house yet again! 😉 there were some rabid supporters of both the teams, but i’m glad to say, i was supporting the south african team – and they won! 😉

ok, so that’s all for now folks. i’m sure that’s but an iota of what’s been up lately, but it’ll have to do for now. hope your lives are interesting  – and not in the chinese curse sense.  if i don’t see you through the week, i’ll see you through the window! *

*i typed  the phrase and then wondered where the hell it originated. of course i googled, abut i’m still no wiser. something about a show called gregory’s girl…springbok radio, taxi? do *you* have any idea?

sass designs hit the runway!

a few fridays ago (ok, quite a bit more than a few fridays by now) , sass designs got to be part of the celebrity catwalk for charity at the venue, melrose arch. the event was organized by gary rom hair salons and fundudzi, which is fellow survivor contestant, craig jacobs’ fashion line.

what an awesome event! some of the fundudzi dresses worn by the contestants at the survivor finale, were up for auction, as were 6 items from my clothing line. the money raised went to the various charities of the contestants who participated in the event. i had 3 ex miss south africas, the current miss south africa and mrs south africa wearing sass designs and if i say so myself, they looked gorgeous. the dresses made an average of 2.5k each.

the lovely megan coleman

megan in a blue 1-dress

megan looking lovely in blue

nicole showing why purple is *the* hot new color

cindy, looking ravishing as always

joani, megan, nicole, moi, cindy, claudia

5fm dj poppie ntshongwana rocking a short pink 1-dress