through a glass…

or maybe that headline should read, through a PAIR OF glassES….  remember  that last post about how dire my sight is these days? well,  i thought i’d give you guys a laugh by posting these  pix of me making a spectacle of myself throughout the (past 20) years.

and like i said, just for today, you’re allowed to laugh! but just for today!

first graduation uct circa december 1985

note the pearls and the german braided updo. and the glasses. yes. the glasses. moving on.


first trip to italy december 1989

ahem… these glasses were lenses which were put into my gran’s old frames.  we won’t talk about the hair – or the hat!


cape town circa 1991

aah, my favorite oliver people’s glasses! i look so innocent here.

with my best friend from college in budapest december 1997

oliver people’s again – i loved them so much, i wore them for a very long time.


los angeles. circa 1998

these lasted only about one year. and yes, my hair was very short for a while.

chili tongue cape town december 2004

i loved these. i think i wore them for a couple of years. the glasses. not the chili.

topanga - february 2005

same glasses a few months later. me having a rather introspective moment. yes. i had  nose piercing which became a problem while i was shooting, so i eventually  let it close. and sometimes, not very often, i wear my hair straight.


last night – my current glasses

these glasses are what i have now. they’re only really get worn at night, seeing that i wear contact lenses for filming.

the damage i did rummaging in my eye for my lense last night

the damage i did rummaging in my eye for my lens last night

but  i suggest that you be really careful when you try to find a lost lens in your eye. otherwise you might be taking the red-eye. like me, this rather painful moment.

so, i hope you had a good laugh at my expense. now stop! 😉

10 thoughts on “through a glass…

  1. oh my.. I’m glad your taste in spectacle frames have improved so much!! heehee

    Hope your eye heals soon, you get drops to relieve the redness, not sure what they’re called in South Africa though!

    Thanks for the giggle!!

    • thanks swiss twist. can i just say in my defense that i was still young enough for my mom to help me pick that first pair? that’s my story and i’m sticking to it! 😉

  2. I looooooove the first pair, just because they bring back so many memories of when those things were in vogue, hehe. In all the other pictures you look great no matter what the glasses!

  3. At least you were making an effort to keep up with trends/try new things. And you managed to turn them into fashion accessories rather than just a practical appendage. Retrospect is never good for fashion… Your current frames are cool.

  4. @scott – i suppose there’s a reason why things are called “fashionable” – even a few years on, there’s the alarming “what was i thinking response!?” 😉
    @tamara my eye is SLOWLY getting better. i’m using an antibiotic cream, but today my character is talking through her dose and she’s suddenly wearing glasses to disguise this “poep-oog”! have been feeling very sorry for myself!

  5. Hi Sass

    I would like to email you privately about whether you could help me with a firehooping dance? I live in Observatory, Cape Town. Are you perhaps coming down to Cape Town in the next couple of months.

    From googling a bit today, I have seen one of your dances and I get goosebumps whenever I see it. I have also read about what hooping means to you and that you offer some workshops to abused woman, and many salutations to you for that.

    I am a recovering crack addict, almost 3 years in recovery and when I came out of rehab 3 years ago, Kaia (me 7 year ole daughter) and I stayed in a shelter for abused and destitute women and kids for 9 months in Woodstock.

    Is there any chance that you could email me at for me to chat to why I want you to help me with this dance???

    Much luvhugskisses your sisi Heatherfairweather

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