shoot! it’s sass designs!

the other thing that made the weekend so awesome, other than the news about my dog, was the long-awaited bloggirl/twitter sass designs shoot with jenty. it was utterly exhausting, but i couldn’t be happier with the results. the girls look fabulous and jenty managed to capture the most natural shots which was exactly what i wanted. real women looking gorgeous in sass designs. (i’d love it if you joined the fb page.)

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thank you jenty, you rock! check out the real pictures here and here. (we’re still waiting for pix from alana and 2 other photogs recruited by jenty to help out) and thank you philly-girl, ruby, gina, tamaryn, angel, leigh-ann, tanya and martha for a really fun afternoon and nadia for both organizing the afternoon and volunteering her parent’s stunning house for the shoot.


pity party update

“i’m not a doctor, i just play one on tv,”, is a tag-line popularized by a series of american commercials. 
some well-known tv doctors(some famous tv doctors)

well, seeing that i play a doctor on tv, each time i’m ill is an opportunity for research. i check out the doctor’s office and bedside manner, looking for tips to make my portrayal more believable. 

today’s doctor, though, is not someone i’d like to emulate for my character; bored, disinterested, reading her paper on a messy desk, eating, more interested in a previous conversation with the nurse. not an ounce of empathy. 

i try to pick up what i can, but i’m not really interested in being a “method actor” – there are other ways of being believable – so right now there’s way too much of a parallel between shooting scenes of my character getting sick and feeling this miserable myself. 

at least the day is looking up. the runner picked up my meds for me (i’m not even going to go into what this is costing!) and the publicist managed to get the magazine shoot postponed. it still feels like i’m swallowing rocks, and we’re running about 2 hours behind schedule in the studio, but at least i can go straight to bed from here.

pity party

ok. at this point i’m feeling very sorry for myself.

before i went to bed last night, i gargled with warm salt-water, i cooked with as much garlic as i could stand, echinacea’ed as much as i could, went to bed by 9 and slept for at least 10 hours.

woke up feeling miserable. throat full of razor-blades, lungs on fire and full of gunk, lymph nodes painfully swollen, my face feeling as tight as that character from the movie “brazil”, though thankfully no longer raw.

no kidding - it feels like that.

angi puts on my make-up and my skin feels thick, my face a bit more swollen than yesterday. it feels like she’s applying my make up through cardboard. i see some hyper-pigmentation forming along my jawline. i have a lot more thoughts about his micro-laser-peel, but more about that at another time.

i rush back over to the work doctor before my first scene and she diagnoses me with pharyngitis – an upper respiratory infection. my system seems to be in shock. i get another script for antibiotics. i foresee more gymnastics for my credit card, but at this point i’ll do anything to feel better. 

oh, and i have a magazine photo shoot this afternoon as soon as i finish shooting my scenes for the day. yeah. right.

oh woe is me.