i used to play the guitar. not great, but well enough to accompany myself on the 60 plus songs i’ve written.

it’s been years since i’ve played consistently what with having a full-time day job and a business on the side. there just hasn’t been enough time. or so i tell myself. and the dream of recording my songs has slowly slipped away like a fallen leaf down a fast-flowing stream. now, every once in a blue moon, when i do make the attempt, it’s like i’ve never played before. i can’t get through a single one of my songs without getting stuck. i can’t remember the chords and my voice cracks like a rusty door-jamb.

it’s so frustrating – and it’s my own fault, i know.

anyway, this is very unusual for me. maybe it’s to inspire me to get back to it, more than anything else, but for your edification and to prove i’m not making this up… 🙂

here is a demo of a song i wrote a very long time ago and have just uploaded to soundcloud: wings