a few more random things about me

in the interests of TMI, here’s a bit more about me, me and me. 😉

  1. almost 20 yrs ago now, i bit into the apple and the tree of knowledge spoke to me. it said, you shall *never* own a pc. and i never did.  it all started circa the early 90’s with a little grey brick laptop with a b/w screen and i’ve never looked back.
  2. i love gadgets. OMG! do i love gadgets. any gadget. all gadgets. ok, so maybe i’m not so much a fan of the battery operated butterfly, but all things electronic? mine! no wonder i have so many obsolete gadgets lying about. ipad 2 – i wantsssessss!!!
  3. when i  was about 15 i had a fall off my brother’s bicycle that left me leary of them till about 10 yrs ago – i drove a motorcycle, but i wouldn’t touch a bicycle. my bag slipped off my shoulder and into the front spokes, sending me catapulting spectacularly over the handle-bars. i hit my head so hard that when i sat up, through a grey haze i could see 2 of everything venn-diagramming into each other. i’m sure that slight concussion explains everything.
  4. i never learnt to type at school. when i was growing up, typing-class was something you did so that you could become a secretary. and i was never going to be a secretary. then in 1993 a friend told me that there was this thing called the internet and that i would love it. she was so convinced that she gave me an amiga for which i found a screen at a yard-sale, after which i spent a month doing a program learning to touch-type. one of the best things i ever did.
  5. the same friend taught me some rudimentary html and i’ve been building my own websites ever since. badly, but still. maybe it’s time i learnt a little more. or follow the curve and *outsource*.
  6. i can whistle like a goat-herd. or like i grew up on the street-corner. i was about 37 when i decided that it was a skill i absolutely had to acquire, so i practiced till i got it right. now i surprise most people as i split their ear-drums. i think every woman should be able to type. and whistle.
  7. i’m an ACE-certified (american council on exercise) fitness instructor. i used to teach hip-hop and cardio-kickboxing classes at l.a. fitness in l.a. i had an awesome, fit body back then. i just didn’t know it. 😦
  8. i only started smoking when i was 21 – and let’s just say that it wasn’t the first thing i ever smoked! fortunately i was smart to kick the dreadful habit. in fact i did it a number of times, but i did it for good in 1997. funny, i hated the smell on my fingers, my hair, clothes and everything, but i still occasionally have a fantasy of lighting a cig.  i think what i liked most about smoking was that it disguised my social ineptitude. i could put a live coal between me and the rest of the world and very few people were willing or brave enough to push beyond those boundaries. i still miss that sometimes.
  9. i only really started drinking alcohol at about 35. but i’m sure i’ve been making up for those years of abstinence.
  10. i only met my biological dad and my 4 half-siblings when i was 14. strange.


so there. tell me more about you.


out of the box…

we moved to the new studio at the beginning of this year and one of the other actors discovered a boxing gym less than 1km down the road. he was so enthusiastic that he managed to rope in a number of people to check it out with him. having done lots of tae-bo and taught a version of it when i lived in l.a., i was keen to give it a bash, so to speak, but seeing that i had employed a trainer the day after i got back from doing survivor, i never got there. it took me about 9 months to realize that serious weight-lifting, combined with a recent penchant for apple-ciders, didn’t give me the body i wanted (let’s be content with a little bit of understatement here and leave it at that), so i decided i’d head over to the boxing gym.

2 kicking-my-butt-sideways-into-infinity-sessions later, i got sick with the dreadful flu that felled everyone and spent the next month dying – or at least feeling like i was. i could barely walk 3 steps without doing a serious imitation of the wolf desperate for some other white meat on the dinner menu! huff. puff! finally, last week, i was well enough to (reluctantly) make it back to the industrial building on maria rd, climb the stairs to the 3rd floor and once again, get tangled up in the skipping rope which seems to be my arch nemesis. there’s a timer that goes off and you’re supposed to skip for 4 minutes. hah! 10 seconds in the cramping in the calves start. all kinds of bits bob and jiggle and depending on the time of month, and if you’re me, you wish you could take your hands off the skipping rope handles and cradle your seriously swollen, sore mammaries instead.  i probably manage one minute of skipping before i start flagellating myself. 1 minute out of 4 – all of 25%!

i look around the room where the swish of the rope slices the air as a nimble-footed young adonis blithely reminds me that i never appreciated the many feats my 20 yr younger body was capable of. i just wish i’d discovered my athleticism earlier. if there’d been any kind of track and field program at our schools when i was a learner, i might have been a good track athlete. i remember running the 800m with hardly any training at one of our sports days when i was about 12 and not doing badly, but there was no athletic program.

anyway, good thing one of my mantras is, “it’s never too late”.

despite being distracted by the swish of rope and thwap of gloves on body-bags, i spy on the other side of the ring in the centre of the room: a treadmill. hallelujah! i can do a treadmill! this morning i get on the treadmill which at this hour, is directly in the path of a gloriously rising, and hot, sun. 2 minutes in i, who hardly ever sweat, am  short of breath and schwitzing! i am so tempted to quit, but from my running days a few years ago, i remember this little trick: fake yourself out! fake it till you make it.  i tell myself that i only have to do this for 5 minutes. then at 5 minutes, it’s, “you’ve got this far, just do 8,”. then it’s 10 and so forth. i guess it didn’t help that a few minutes in, the guy who runs the place came and shoved 2 weights in my hands. while i was only just barely dealing with running!

anyway, i’ll cut short the whine and just say, i did it! it’s amazing how one can push one’s limits – however minutely – when you use mindpower. i’m hoping that no injury or illness or my schedule gets in the way of my fitness aspirations.

monday, july 15th

ok. so this is a little experiment. i’m going to see if i can separate the purely fitness/running/exercise posts and put them on a separate page. just for my own edification.  the experiment didn’t work.

so it took a certain amount of talking to myself, but i made it to the gym tonight. 

1 salsa class (which was okay, seeing that i’m not really a salsa afficianado – though, to toot my own horn, the level is such that i was still one of the best dancers in the class – not that that’s saying much! )

1 kata box class – led by the same guy with whom i’ve tag-teamed classes. i used to hate his class. he’s always off the beat and being an ex cardio-kick-boxing instructor, i know way more routines, but at least it got me moving and most of all – it got me really sweating for the first time in ages. 

let’s see if i can keep this up.