love’s in need of love…

today, even though i was still feeling pretty crap, waiting for my meds to kick in and boot this g-damned sinus infection which has been threatening to ruin my entire weekend, i accompanied my friend ernst to “fora” in roodepoort where i helped him choose 2 cute canine companions. they already have names, valentine, in honor of the holiday and phoenix, whom ernst had already named before we met her.  they are so lucky to find a dad with such a big heart and i think he’s equally lucky to find them. i think it’s a love-match and i can’t wait for him to take them home tomorrow.

fora = friends of rescued animals. they are amazing. no animals are euthanized. if they don’t find a home, they get to live out their lives at the shelter.

valentine, ernst, phoenix

on the way out, we met this feisty little one – a cross between a maltese and a chinese hairless… i have such a soft spot for ugly… if he wasn’t already being claimed, i would have tried to find a way to persuade zee and chai that they want another brother!

i don’t usually like going to shelters because i find it difficult to see so many creatures confined by those cages and because i want to take each and everyone of them home with me. thank goodness that there are places for these animals to go. if you want a pet, please don’t go to a puppy mill, or buy them from a puppy-mill supplied pet store. even if you want a pedigreed pet, please first check your local animal shelter. many have pedigreed animals whose families have emigrated or moved away.  one of the loves of my life, comes from the spca and i cannot imagine my life without him. this valentine’s weekend, remember to spread the love to our animal kin. they’ll pay you back hundred-fold in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.