stuff bearing fruit…

guys, i’m going through some stuff here. stuff i really can’t talk about for the moment. and yes, it sucks when someone tells you they’ve got something to say, but they’re not telling, so please bear with me. just know that i’m going through some difficult  stuff.

so, in order to distract myself from said “stuff”, i sat up until 2 a.m. last night and made a “creative” video entry for the moonfruit competition which has been all the rage on twitter the last week. they’ve had so many entries that it’s been removed from twitter’s trending stats. no wonder, they’re giving away 10 macbook pro laptops in 10 days. actually now 7 days – they’ve shortened the competition and today they’re giving away FOUR in a big bang when the competition ends at 3pm BST. if you read this in time and you’re on twitter, tweet #moonfruit and follow @moontweet.

it’s probably pointless cos i tend to not win anything. ever. tho, i have to admit that i recently disproved that statement by winning a garmin nuvi in a 5fm competition (which i’m still waiting for, b.t.w.), but it sure kept me distracted for a few hours.  and you know, i soooo deserve a new MBP. mine’s 4 years old and almost obsolete and  being about to be self-employed, i certainly hope that my efforts bear some (moon) fruit. 🙂