bust a move!

a life-time of ballet, dancing, gymning, cardio-kick-boxing, hooping, cycling, hiking and just generally being active and taking my body for granted , seems to have finally caught up with me.

i’ve spent most of the last two months sitting, thinking that taking a rest-cure would help heal my incredibly painful back and knee. not so much. the only thing that happened is that my lard-ass grew even lardier. and at my age, let me tell you, once you gain weight  it’s like a damn leech – it just does not want to let go.

i finally took to twitter looking for a chiropractor to see if that would sort me out. amazingly, 3 (incredibly painful) sessions later, after some dry-needling (yup, i once again was getting jabbed), some electrical stimulation and some major chiropractic adjustments, i’m moving again.

i even have a new personal trainer who miraculously made her appearance out of n0-where. she comes to my house, she adjusts her schedule to suit me and we’re taking things really easy. ok, so i have yet to go and see a physio about my knee, but for now i’m sticking my head in the sand where that’s concerned. i’m just so glad to get up off my saartjie baartman butt and get moving again.


you know you’re getting old, when…

it’s saturday night and we’ve just braved one of johannesburg’s first thunderstorms of the season to catch a band i really like. they’re formerly known as “harris tweed“, now “dear reader” (huh?) after the harris tweed company in scotland decided they did not want to share their name. the band is playing at back to basix, fortunately only 5 minutes from my house. inside, after we’ve each been parted from 50 bucks, we find the place packed to the red rafters, noisy and smoky in a not very atmospheric way.

can i just say that after years of living in los angeles, i still can’t get over the way people here smoke everywhere, especially when their elbows are poking your ribs, trying to get intimately acquainted with your innards and you have no choice over the fact that they are now smoking with your lungs. ok, granted, i am an ex-smoker, but i at least had respect for the fact that not everyone wanted to inhale my nicotine as badly as i did! (ok, mini-rant over).

the only way i can see the band, which is barely visible above the crowd, is by annexing someone’s chair and standing on it (ok, i did ask first). from up there, the clanging of cutlery and glass and the general noise of everyone’s voices drowning out the band (go figure) seems to be even louder, amplified and  rising up with the intolerable heat which is sending beads of sweat trickling down my back. there’s frequent annoying feedback from the crap sound system while the band bravely soldiers on – though when i can hear them, they sound pretty good. we stay till i just cannot take it anymore. we venture back out into the rain and listen to the last song at the open window, from where it sounds better than it did in the melee in the club.

inside the night is just getting started. 

i turn to the s.o. and ask, “do you think we’re getting old?”. and i don’t know, but if not wanting to have my lungs polluted by other people’s smoke,  if not wanting some stranger’s elbow in my belly-button, if actually wanting to hear the band, means i’m getting old, the answer to my rhetorical question might just be “maybe”.

and i’m okay with that.

you’ve come a long way, baby!

jeez, i’m feeling decidedly ancient! we have a new actor on our show and it turns out that i am exactly twice as old as he is! i think i look fairly decent for my age, but damn, acting opposite someone half one’s age is enough to make one feel decrepit.

anyway, what with eskom’s scheduled “load shedding” leaving us all in the dark and powerless, i only got out of the studio at 7pm and there was no way i was going to repeat the running the track in the dark experience. it was all i could do to decide what pizza to order ( yay, more cheese after my cheese toast in the morning. very unusual seeing that i normally avoid dairy what with being so allergic to it) and make my way to the couch.
what a strange day! started out banging my head and nearly giving myself a black eye on the edge of the step-stool in the kitchen as i bent to pick something up. then i bashed my thigh into the table. next i dropped the sandwich i’d spent 10 minutes making. later i closed my nail in the toilet door. and then something went wrong with the equipment in the studio while we were trying to shoot my first scene of the day. a weirdness seeming to permeate the air. feel like i’ve got my own private mercury retrograde at the moment.
fortunately the cough from the night before seemed to fade away. though i am suddenly eating like a horse. been about 3 weeks since i drank any alcohol, but either it’s the time of month, or all this running which is majorly boosting my appetite.
day 5 this week. yup, i’ve come a long way, baby! probably because i don’t smoke virginia slims or anything else for that matter! ran 3 sets of 2 laps each. 1 lap walking to start off with and inbetween. still largely mind over matter. on the last set i decided to run at a pace that i enjoy, rather than pushing, but i was still panting at the end. roughly 5 minutes per set, 2.30 or less per lap.
i persevere. it’s going to become fun even if it kills me!
ha. bloody ha.