this running thing is not easy.

i’m struggling with my sinuses at the moment and it’s driving me crazy. it may actually be cortisone time again. i think my sinuses may be responsible for my migraines the last 2 days. my nose hurts and i’m constantly sneezing and blowing – not a happy camper. in fact, it’s making me a crabby bitch! i crapped all over one of the wardrobe assistants this morning because i’ve been asking the wardrobe dept. to take out the hems of a pair of my pants for the last week now. the last time i wore them, i actually started ripping out the hems myself and i took a safety pin and pinned the bottom of the trousers to the top – just to make sure that they wouldn’t forget to finish the job. this morning, there they were, still not done. i was not amused. the wardrobe mistress is one of my closest friends, but i wasn’t feeling well and i was in no mood.
i got a flu shot about a month ago, so i don’t think it’s possible that i have flu, but it may be a cold or a sinus infection which is kicking my butt. i didn’t think i would feel well enough to run today, but i forced myself to the track this evening. it was hard. all i wanted to do, was give up, each lap an infinity – an endless mobius strip. and yet my time was about a minute or so faster than monday. just don’t know how i’m going to stay inspired.

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