watching “life” on pvr. a fallen angel crashes from the sky.

seeing footage of l.a. makes me terribly homesick for my adoptive city. my home. if i had dorothy’s ruby slippers, i’d click my heels 3 times… i’d be in the city of angels… winged, like mercury’s heels…fleet footed.

i amaze myself. against my will or maybe through sheer force of will, i find myself at the stadium, lapping up the track. quirky “this american life” stories on my ipod provide a peculiar soundtrack to cheer me on.

it seems to be errant school kid day. teenagers hang out on the track. one almost dwarfish teenage girl with a cute moon-face, runs and runs almost impossibly round and round the track in jeans and shiny pumps. another girl with a strange gait does an awkward slog round the track. i’m so desperate for a partner, for inspiration, that i almost go up to her and ask if she wants a running partner. in the middle of the rugby field a guffaw of hadidas spear the grass repeatedly, executing insects, getting dinner. they usually sound like donkeys braying overhead – their maudlin task at least keeps them silent.

i do my 10 laps. my feet hurt, the muscle on the inside of my right lower leg hurts. has been hurting consistently through my last runs. afterwards i take a hot bath while zee attempts to drink the bathwater, chew my underwear and rend the magazines within reach. maybe i should teach her to read…

i’m tired. have been up at 5.30 every morning this week. i’ll learn words in the morning – at least i don’t have too many scenes tomorrow.

i decide to find a 5 k to focus on, for inspiration. may 4th – the nedbank 5k fun run. the starting line is barely 2k’s from my house. 2 weeks away. some inspiration. i’m even forfeiting a trip to cape town over that long weekend for this.

a reason to keep sticking to my stickingtoitiveness.

how’s that?!

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