just done it!

well not quite. i did it yesterday – my first 5k, that is. 12&1/2 laps on the track. dj steveboy on my ipod nano, my old saucony’s with the inserts from my shox. no more lower leg pain, but i am concerned that i have a newish pain just between the ball of my right foot and my arch – which is where i injured myself the last time i tried running, years ago – also wearing these saucony’s. actually now that i think about it – i wore the saucony’s on my previous run – yesterday i wore the new nikes.

anyway, the run went mostly well. lasz joined me on laps 5, 9 and 12 for inspiration. on the beginning of lap 12 though, i had what i think is exercise induced asthma. my chest suddenly constricted and i had trouble breathing. i slowed down, didn’t panic and managed to actually speed up for the last 1/2 lap, so all good. 33 min, 37 seconds, which kept me just under 3 min a lap – yes, i’ve been averaging 2m30s or so per lap when doing 2miles, but for my first 5k, i’m happy.

so yeah, just done it!

the usual suspects!

on a lighter note…

yesterday had my hair cut shorter for first time in about 5 years; which is a big deal seeing that my curls grow at a slower than snail’s pace. i’m still hyper-ventilating from the shock! if i’d been prone to panic attacks, i’d have had one. reiteration of why i don’t have hair-cuts. normally i’m a wash and wear kinda gal and nobody knows my hair quite like i do which is why most of the time i do my own hair for the show.

i warned the hairdresser before she even did the first snip; “i’m going to hate you!” i always do – for the first 48 hours at least. had to go back today to “fix” things, but i’m much happier with the new shape. yesterday i felt like a “tannie” (tia, auntie, i.e. – old!) with this weird fuzzball on my head. today’s “fix” gave it a funkier shape, more like what i originally had in mind. though still, i marvel at how 2 people can converse for an hour and still not understand each other – even with pix illustrating one’s point. anyway. it’s hair. it grows back. i’ll post a pic when i feel braver.

ran today in a misting of rain. cool wintery day on a deserted track. everyone either staying in out of the weather or out of town for the long weekend. tried my old saucony’s today. tossed out the orthotics i haven’t worn in at least 5 years and replaced them with the inserts from my nike shox. i’m thinking now that these are the shoes i should have been wearing all along. no more lower leg pain. today’s run, maybe because it was so cold and there was no wind, was about 2 and 1/2 min faster than my last one and the first time i think where i enjoyed the first 2/3rds of the run more than the last. maybe because i was setting a faster pace. will try to run tomorrow, otherwise i’ll save it for sunday’s 5k fun run. picking lasz up from the airport in the a.m. – and then there’ll be no time for anything.

i was going through my back up drives and came across some interesting old pix. there was a time when i actually had time to make stuff like this.