back on track… hopefully.

after almost a month of being ill, i can finally do a running update (strange synchronicity – the song playing in my itunes right now is “running” by eliane elias). 

after thoroughly medicating myself: antihistamine – check. nasal spray- check. inhaler – check. 50SPF sunblock to protect my already hyperpigmented face – check. buff to cover lower half of face – check. djkramer on ipod – check. heart rate monitor – check. water – check. (man i’m exhausted already!) i head for the track.

i feel like that fat guy from that funny show


the sun, at 9a.m. is already beating down, a breeze takes the edge off. i decide to attempt 8 laps, seeing that my lungs have been in such a state. eventually i manage 12.5 (5k’s), switching directions at 6. my time is surprisingly not as slow as my worst time, even though i take it really slowly. i have as audience the entire lions rugby team which arrives for practice while i trudge my way around the track even though running, like sex, is something i prefer to do in private. oh well. 

hey, once again, pure mind over matter. i mind, it matters, but i nike’d it. swoosh!

running out of…

hour glassi’ve decided that the best thing about running, is the moment you’re done.

my damned shooting schedule had been getting in the way of me getting to the track, so now each time feels like a new beginning. and not in a good way. 

i need a running partner – desperately!!! today’s 5k’s were almost a lap slower than the last time – which admittedly, was almost a week ago. 1 step forward and a 2step i don’t want to dance!

does anyone else actually ENJOY running? cos for me it’s still mind over matter. and i mind!