back on track… hopefully.

after almost a month of being ill, i can finally do a running update (strange synchronicity – the song playing in my itunes right now is “running” by eliane elias). 

after thoroughly medicating myself: antihistamine – check. nasal spray- check. inhaler – check. 50SPF sunblock to protect my already hyperpigmented face – check. buff to cover lower half of face – check. djkramer on ipod – check. heart rate monitor – check. water – check. (man i’m exhausted already!) i head for the track.

i feel like that fat guy from that funny show


the sun, at 9a.m. is already beating down, a breeze takes the edge off. i decide to attempt 8 laps, seeing that my lungs have been in such a state. eventually i manage 12.5 (5k’s), switching directions at 6. my time is surprisingly not as slow as my worst time, even though i take it really slowly. i have as audience the entire lions rugby team which arrives for practice while i trudge my way around the track even though running, like sex, is something i prefer to do in private. oh well. 

hey, once again, pure mind over matter. i mind, it matters, but i nike’d it. swoosh!

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