hype-y new year…

wow! we’re in the second part of the new year already!

for some reason i have an image of time as an unfortunate gazelle being devoured by a pack of ravenous hyenas. that’s how fast it passes – quicksand beneath one’s feet. bloodspatters, sinew and bone…

hmn, can you tell i’ve been a regular little pollyanna lately? not! even though i want to be. i try to tell myself to stay in the moment because it’s all we have. i try to remind myself to stay positive. to see the upside of every situation,  but i’ve been having to give myself a stern talking to. all the time.

i haven’t written here in over a month. i couldn’t send out “happy new year!” wishes because you know what, it might not be. what with dead birds falling from the sky, bomb-blasts in churches, trigger-happy shooters target-practicing on people…i’m done falling for the hype that surrounds this arbitrary marker.

each new year’s eve we tell ourselves that this year will be awesome, at least better than the last. then august comes and we look back at the shape the year has taken and we sigh… the reality is, this year will be whatever it will be and it will reveal itself as it sees fit. only time will tell if it will be bloodspatters, sinew and bone, or the heart-pounding, adrenaline-rush of the close escape…

ok, maybe i should just shut up and shove the dark rag-doll into the back of the closet.

i sure hope pollyanna shows up to replace her soon.


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