i am soooo peeved!


i’ve been a member of ebay for over 10 years now and when i lived in LA i even occasionally sold things on the site. for all this time i assumed that my purchases where automatically covered  – that no matter what i bought, should anything go wrong, i could always get my money back.

well, be careful of assuming things. there’s a reason they say that to assume anything, makes an ass of of u and me. 

one needs to be sure to read the fine-print. turns out you have only 45 days after a transaction is made, to lay a complaint. now those of us who live here on the other side of the world, know that it can sometimes take 45 days just for an item to get to one’s mailbox. it took 2 months for an item i had ordered from hong kong to arrive so i’m speaking from experience.

my item was ordered may 3rd. keeping the mail service in mind, i sent my first query on june 21st. the seller said please wait, it’s coming. i gave it another almost 3 weeks and sent another query. this time the seller said the package had been returned and they had sent it back out. please wait. give it another week and if the item has still not arrived, they’ll refund me my money. now, despite the fact that i had spent over $200 on this item, i still much rather wanted the item, rather than a refund, so i did what they asked. i waited. in fact i gave it 2 more weeks before i finally gave up. it had been 3 months since i’d paid for the item and it obviously wasn’t arriving.

i sent an email reluctantly asking for the promised refund only to be met with deafening silence. no reply from the seller. i waited a week. i checked my paypal account.


tonight i decided to open a case on ebay. HOWEVER… it turns out that after 45 days you have no recourse other than contacting the seller. you can also no longer leave feedback on the item you bought. wtf?! and when you try to find a way to contact ebay, you keep getting referred to their support pages. no email. no phone number. finally after about half an hour of clicking through various links, i found a number by clicking on a link to lay a complaint against a buyer, not a seller! it seems that ebay doesn’t want you to contact them and seems to favor the seller – it’s only sheer resilience that got me that number. and then i had to hold on skype listening to muzak for at least 10 minutes before i got to speak to anyone.


the agent (who is obviously in india somewhere – when i asked what time it was there, he said to wait, he’d go and find out!) said they’d escalate the case, however they make no promises as to whether i’ll get a refund or not.


now i wait.

some more.

turns out, yet again, that my patience might not be such a virtue after all. caveat emptor!

bag it up

you know those fashionista pictures, the kind you see on pinterest, supposedly taken randomly on some street corner? the woman is wearing some fabulously chic or quirky outfit, uber stylish, with super-high gladiator heels or the spikiest stilettos that could be mistaken for a skewer at a barbeque. she’s posing just so, her legs crossed at her immaculately skinny ankles, either texting on her cell or she’s holding a “bag” that seems to be a cigarette box or a sunglass case.

Pinned ImagePinned ImagePoppy Delevingne in Jonathan SaundersPinned Image

and i look at these pictures and the part of me that isn’t envy-green that i am not the owner of such perfectly long, never-seen-the-inside-of-a-gym-shapely legs, is asking, who the f*ck ARE you? what kind of life do you lead that allows you to go anywhere, carrying only the equivalent of a pack of chewing gum? which real woman goes anywhere without a tote the size of an army back-pack filled with countless just-in-case items that are never needed till the day they’re left behind? i don’t even have kids, but i carry a shoulder-bag that, i swear, weighs 10 kilos! ok, make that 10 pounds, but still! even my wallet is bigger than the tiny little clutches these women have in their perfectly manicured hands – hands which have never been in a kitchen sink.

makes me think that there has to be a PA just left of the carefully-framed picture, bent double under a calamity of cases, waiting to be summoned at the wave of a beautifully baceleted wrist.

has to be. how else?

at least you won’t easily convince me otherwise!

all pictures taken from pinterest

hype-y new year…

wow! we’re in the second part of the new year already!

for some reason i have an image of time as an unfortunate gazelle being devoured by a pack of ravenous hyenas. that’s how fast it passes – quicksand beneath one’s feet. bloodspatters, sinew and bone…

hmn, can you tell i’ve been a regular little pollyanna lately? not! even though i want to be. i try to tell myself to stay in the moment because it’s all we have. i try to remind myself to stay positive. to see the upside of every situation,  but i’ve been having to give myself a stern talking to. all the time.

i haven’t written here in over a month. i couldn’t send out “happy new year!” wishes because you know what, it might not be. what with dead birds falling from the sky, bomb-blasts in churches, trigger-happy shooters target-practicing on people…i’m done falling for the hype that surrounds this arbitrary marker.

each new year’s eve we tell ourselves that this year will be awesome, at least better than the last. then august comes and we look back at the shape the year has taken and we sigh… the reality is, this year will be whatever it will be and it will reveal itself as it sees fit. only time will tell if it will be bloodspatters, sinew and bone, or the heart-pounding, adrenaline-rush of the close escape…

ok, maybe i should just shut up and shove the dark rag-doll into the back of the closet.

i sure hope pollyanna shows up to replace her soon.


design fail

may i please just have a little rant? please?

i have inherited the worst possible bathroom cupboards from the previous owners of my house! look, it’s also one of the worst bathrooms ever; dark, small, totally needing a renovation, but i’m a new home-owner, so guess what, i’m house-poor and bathroom renovations are way down the list of priorities.

where were we? ok, cupboards. instead of having doors which slide or open out, they instead open towards you and up, like those funny doors on the delorean. may i just say that it works in a car. IT DOES NOT WORK IN A BATHROOM CUPBOARD!!! these doors cannot support their own weight, so one has to duck underneath and essentially stand, holding the door on your head to keep  it open, while you search for whatever it is you’re looking for. remember, this is a bathroom cabinet, so “search” is really the operative word!

the offending doors. soon to be charged with assault and battery!

setting the scene: 2 cupboards side by side.

the time: last night

the action: i’m searching intently in the one. can’t find what i’m looking for. open up the other side. not there either. back to the other side. give up and whip my head to the side to get out from under the door, forgetting that the door on the other side is still ajar. i hit my orbital bone so hard i have to sit down on the rim of the shower, dizzy, scared to move my hand away from my head for fear of the blood i’ll find streaming there.

OMG! it was FARQING sore and immediately blue. so the rest of my evening was spent with a bag of ice held to my head and this morning i looked like drek on screen at work.  and it’s not the first time these cabinets have attacked me with a wack to the head either! and no, i’m not going all new age and asking “why am i hitting my head  – what am i not getting? uhmn…. that this is a complete design fail and that i need to replace my bathroom cupboards?! pronto!

ok, looks like bathroom renovations have made their way to the top of the renovations list – before they take me out completely.

right. deep breath. rant over. we now return to our regular programming. 😉

update: thurs, 2 days later: i gave  myself quite a start this morning when i looked in the mirror and noticed blood seeping into the white of the eye on the side on which i’d bumped my head. i must have severely bruised something but it took 36 hours for the blood to drain down into my eye. i’m a little perturbed, but i’m keeping an eye on it, uhmn, in it, uhmn… you know what i mean, and as long as it doesn’t get worse, i’ll try not to worry about it.

careful who you flash…

so this morning i surf over to fellow (and awesome) blogger, po’s site and read her very erudite post on south african expats. as is not unusual on the web, i wind up surfing on elsewhere through a link which leads me to SAROCKS, a SABA award winning blog. i couldn’t believe my eyes when there, on the front page of the blog, albeit a lot smaller, was the same pic i had posted of myself in honor of cancer awareness. on my blog. on cleavage day. anonymous. uncredited. unlike iMod who credited the mod’ded version i sent him for his blog on cleavage day.

now, i’ve had content lifted off my site before. i’ve  found posts i’d written on other blogs, but those blogs consisted obviously of entirely plagiarized content. i just find it odd that  a recognized, “accredited” blogger would use my pic without crediting it. look i don’t know nic. i haven’t read his blog before, though, yes, i have also just returned to blogging and reading blogs from a 4 month hiatus.  and, admittedly, this is the internet – one never knows where what you post might land up, so he might have found it somewhere else. i grant that. i just find it very disturbing. and yes, i have used pix off  the internet for some of my posts, but i try to always acknowledge where they come from.


screengrab from SAROCKS

this is the comment i posted on his blog:

hmn….. hey nic

imagine my surprise surfing over here from a fellow blogger’s site and finding on the front page of your site, a picture of me (albeit faceless), the same pic that i put up in a post about national cleavage day on my blog! no link to my post, just my picture, uncredited – and reposted. and even though i posted the same pic on iMod’s blog about cleavage day, i know that this was lifted from my blog, because the pic on iMod’s blog was modified. i find that a little strange and unexpected from a SABA -winning blog.i don’t so much mind the fact that you posted it, it’s just weird that you would do so without crediting the origin. i guess this is just another example of how little control we have over the things we put out on the web.


so  be careful what you put out there folks. you have no idea just where it might land up!


nic and i have e-mailed each other and all is resolved. i see his point that a direct email would have been much more appropriate and that i might have over-reacted. he removed the pic and apologized and i apologized for not contacting him first. though i did forget to ask where he got the pic.  in retrospect i realize that i followed exmi’s lead and put the pic up on  – though it did say, cybersass supports …etc.

anyhoo…bottom line is, all resolved.

everybody have  a fantastic and safe long-weekend, happy passover, easter or whatever other holiday i might have missed. i’m off to splash in the fen for the first time – now if this sore throat will just quit!

be safe on the roads if you’re driving folks! see ya on the other side!