the grass smells.

in my last post i mentioned that i had a xmas wish-list which i hadn’t shown to anyone.

what follows, happens to be the post i wrote shortly before xmas, but never posted. and no, i’m not just posting it because i need blog-fodder (well, not only)… there is a point, which i will come to after you read it… i think.

bah humbug!

yes, i feel decidedly grinch-like at this time of year. have i mentioned that i’m  not a huge fan of xmas? it wasn’t always this way. i think there was a time when i too looked forward, excited at the thought of presents wrapped under the  xmas tree, but for some reason, even though i’m hugely blessed with material possessions,  for some reason i never really get xmas presents. really. i usually just give my family money (because that’s what they need most) and seeing that we’re seldom together for xmas, i don’t ever get any. ironic that, since according to the 5 love languages, mine probably is expressed in gift-giving (and receiving!). they might not be perfectly wrapped, but there’ll be something.

so in expectations of nothing really, i’d just like to point out that there are at least 3 things i’d like to find in my stocking this xmas:

  • these gorgeous nine-west wedges
  • this book by michael leunig which i’ve been struggling to track down
  • and then after years of not wearing perfume, i’ve found something i think i might wear. 

and oh, by the way, none of these are cheap. 😉

ok, i’m getting to my point. soon.

in anticipation of lumps of coal in my stocking on xmas morning, i went on a concerted effort to track down the items on my list for myself.  spent endless time online researching where to find them. even tracked down the nine west store in gateway when i was in ballito, but they were all sold out. finally, i found my size at the  stuttafords in rosebank and even though they were even pricier than at the nine west store, i splurged, just in time for new year.

got home, excitedly put them on, and found myself not entirely sure. loved what they looked like from the side, but not so much in love wiht the front-view. after much debate and all that effort, i finally returned them to the store. yes. i did. at that price-tag they needed to be absolutely perfect. and they weren’t.

stuttafords also happened to stock the perfume which i’d first come across in the airport coming back from l.a. a few months ago. i excitedly sprayed it on for the bf to smell and imagine my reaction when he just about recoiled in horror at the odor! LOL!!! i couldn’t believe it! admittedly this time round it smelled sharply citrusy as opposed to the previous time i tried it.  so much for that then! guess i’ll continue making my own essential oil and water spray, which surprise, surprise, contains mainly grapefruit and rose-geranium oils!

(as for the michael leunig book – no luck yet. out of print and available only in australia.)

and as for my point, a little elusive, most likely blunt, but i guess what i’m trying to say is;

  • be careful what you wish for
  • the grass is always greener
  • you always want what you don’t have.
  • you can’t always get what you want

so after all  the effort i went to to get what i thought i wanted, i wound up not wanting it anyway!

there’s a lesson here somewhere. and a point. let me know if you find it. 😉

7 thoughts on “the grass smells.

  1. LOL you sound like me when I eventually find the elusive item I’ve been yearning for.
    Well done on taking the shoes back they would have gathered dust in your wardrobe like the Nine West shoes I bought!

  2. I did my list – as a I do every year. I have never received anything off my list – I do them for me more than anything else really.

    So this year was no different BUT I actually got all the things on my list – I kinda do the hope for the best expect the worst thing 🙂

    But I have to second the “careful what you wish for” thing

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