through a glass…

i used to take photographs, once upon another lifetime ago. inspired by my best friend, i took a course at the market theatre’s photo lab with t.j. lemon, like a gazillion years ago. i had a fairly decent camera and lenses and we spent afternoons in the red womb of the dark room, playing with chemicals, birthing our own prints, luminescing into life. somewhere in my storage unit in l.a. sit my folders of pix from that time. nearly forgotten.

i just went and searched and  i found some from that time…

like almost everyone, at some stage i went digital, took countless photographs (with endless storage drives full of neglected images as proof). i initially got a nikon coolpix 995 – great camera for a narcissist! 😉 the lense swivels so that you can take arm-extended self-portraits and still compose the shot as you can see the viewfinder.  i eventually upgraded to the s10 about 18 months ago, but seeing that it’s a camera with zero manual controls, i found myself more and more frustrated by its limitations and taking fewer and fewer pictures, only the occasional self-portrait. i still sometimes whip out my iphone to grab a shot of something, but the iphone camera is one of it’s worst features.

but the point (i’m so damned long-winded!) is that i was inspired by a convo jenty was having on twitter about a pic a day project, to jump on the bandwagon. at this point i remember hardly anything from that long ago photo course and seeing that the camera i mostly have with me is the one in my iphone, the pics will probably all be taken with that. maybe i’ll be inspired to start carrying my other camera around again. maybe i’ll even think about getting an upgrade.

that’s not happening anytime soon though. just thought i’d put it out there. together with my intentions of getting fitter and more flexible – and i’m not just talking physically, 😉 – this year, i’ve started a cybersass3six5 where i’ll be posting a pic a day. there are no pretensions at any skill whatsoever, maybe some pretensions at art, a way of documenting the year and yet another thing to eat away at the lots of time i obviously have to kill. not!

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