an off the wall week

this week is now almost the week that was. and wow! what a week it was!

first farrah dies. then michael. resulting in an off the wall media frenzy and completing the latest trilogy of dead pop icons which started with ed mcmahon. may they all R.I.P. then freddy hayward of the band mean mr mustard dies of a heart attack. in his 30’s! and former springbok rugby captain, joost van der westhuizen  is in hospital after a suspected heart attack. what’s with this spate of people’s hearts calling time out? scary…

in s.a. sports, bafana bafana held their own against brazil in the confed cup. the u.s.a. confounded spain by ending their 35-game winning streak, the boks won their second test against the irish lions in the dying minute of the game, and then bafana bafana again nearly caused an upset against spain. ample opportunities for more heart-stopping moments.

that was the news at large. personally, i finally committed and booked my ticket to l.a.. yup, i did it, i’m clicking my heels and i’m going home. from home (if only for 2 months). this is the confusion that happens when one has dual citizenship – you wind up not knowing where home is and pining for  the “other home” and the loved ones you leave behind there. makes for a somewhat schizophrenic existence.

i also finally went back to the dr. who was responsible for my laser peel disaster and had him persuade me to try a different type of laser called bbl or broad beam light, to fix the damage. i wound up canceling both appointments though, i think both scared and scarred by the memory of the excruciating pain i was in the last time. it’s supposed to be a completely different process, but i started making myself sick stressing about it. so now i’ll wait till i finish shooting and then decide if i have the courage to face another possible mishap.

thursday i made my way over to @exmi‘s pad in the ‘vale. seemed like a trek, but really nothing in comparison to the distances i’m going to have to get used to covering again in l.a.. it takes at least 30 minutes to get *anywhere*. anyway. had  a good time hanging out chatting and met her adorable kid and her guy. picked up some yummy body thrills, and delivered the dress she’d ordered from me. thursday night i cooked dinner for some business partners of the s.o. – nice people who sadly had to leave in the middle of dinner as the wife’s grandfather was succumbing to cancer. once again, R.I.P.

on friday, attended a great going away party for one of my oldest  friends, former afrikaans idols judge/radio personality/columnist/music industry maven, deon maas who is off to nigeria for 6 weeks to produce a reality show there. the best parties always happen at deon’s house. i paid for it dearly on saturday, i must confess, but it was worth it. we’ve known each other for over 20 years now and though people love to hate him, he’s a dear and loyal friend.

saturday afternoon i went to the bloggirls birthday bash at mellisoo‘s house where we overindulged in snacks and cupcakes and went crazy over the lions/springboks rugby match. was great to meet @glugster, @angelsmind ‘s other half and her son damien who has the most delightfully droll sense of humor. also met philly-girl’s very cute counter-part, @varen as well as stef who’s blog, i believe is now defunct. we swapped gifts, and i made off with some chocolate, candles and bubble bath, while angel got a beanie i’d knitted.

ok,  this was supposed to be a short post which i was just dashing off before friends arrive for hot soup and bread and the confed cup final between u.s.a. and brazil (we are the envy of many as the s.o. has a projector set up which has made our tv obsolete and makes for a larger than life picture).

ok, soccer time shortly. and  i’m shutting up now.

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