• PMT aka PMS iz me.
  • at 2 o clock all was still ok with the world. however, by about 2:30 this afternoon the that time of the month monster erupted in my gut and forced me to inhale everything in sight. unfortunately  the johannesburg cbd did not survive.
  • my 18month old puppy has such bad hip displasure displasia that it’s started to cause her knee to dislocate. she now needs a knee operation and a hip replacement which together cost way over R30 000. and i’m about to be self-employed.
  • i can’t spell. see above.
  • it’s funny interacting with people when you know something about them that they probably don’t want you to know.
  • i went to see fellow blogger, exmi today to deliver a dress she’d ordered and to pick up my body thrills. can’t wait to use them.
  • have to go and make dinner for people i don’t know. don’t want to.
  • blah.
  • i’m burping up the joburg cbd.
  • b.t.w. did i mention, I CN HAZ PMS!
  • as i tweeted yesterday, hopefully my PMT doesn’t mean you’ll need an EMT.
  • ok, that’s it. i’m out.

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