blown away…

well if last week was off the wall, then this one is blowing me out of the water.

i'd love to credit this pic, but i don't know who it's by. if you do, please let me know so i can credit it.

i’ve had such unexpected, overwhelming news, that it’s blown me right off the interwebs. i’ve barely been on twitter. i most certainly haven’t blogged for a few days, just doing lots of running around and dealing.

it’s all good news though.

and i think i’ve found the perfect CMT – recommended by boldly benny. i’m swinging by today to check on the sample she’s making me and hopefully if it’s good, we’ll swing into production.

wish me luck folks! i’m going to need it!

10 thoughts on “blown away…

    • thanks po! cmt stands for cut, make and trim – so basically, a company which will manufacture the dresses for me. got my fingers crossed!

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