design fail

may i please just have a little rant? please?

i have inherited the worst possible bathroom cupboards from the previous owners of my house! look, it’s also one of the worst bathrooms ever; dark, small, totally needing a renovation, but i’m a new home-owner, so guess what, i’m house-poor and bathroom renovations are way down the list of priorities.

where were we? ok, cupboards. instead of having doors which slide or open out, they instead open towards you and up, like those funny doors on the delorean. may i just say that it works in a car. IT DOES NOT WORK IN A BATHROOM CUPBOARD!!! these doors cannot support their own weight, so one has to duck underneath and essentially stand, holding the door on your head to keep  it open, while you search for whatever it is you’re looking for. remember, this is a bathroom cabinet, so “search” is really the operative word!

the offending doors. soon to be charged with assault and battery!

setting the scene: 2 cupboards side by side.

the time: last night

the action: i’m searching intently in the one. can’t find what i’m looking for. open up the other side. not there either. back to the other side. give up and whip my head to the side to get out from under the door, forgetting that the door on the other side is still ajar. i hit my orbital bone so hard i have to sit down on the rim of the shower, dizzy, scared to move my hand away from my head for fear of the blood i’ll find streaming there.

OMG! it was FARQING sore and immediately blue. so the rest of my evening was spent with a bag of ice held to my head and this morning i looked like drek on screen at work.  and it’s not the first time these cabinets have attacked me with a wack to the head either! and no, i’m not going all new age and asking “why am i hitting my head  – what am i not getting? uhmn…. that this is a complete design fail and that i need to replace my bathroom cupboards?! pronto!

ok, looks like bathroom renovations have made their way to the top of the renovations list – before they take me out completely.

right. deep breath. rant over. we now return to our regular programming. 😉

update: thurs, 2 days later: i gave  myself quite a start this morning when i looked in the mirror and noticed blood seeping into the white of the eye on the side on which i’d bumped my head. i must have severely bruised something but it took 36 hours for the blood to drain down into my eye. i’m a little perturbed, but i’m keeping an eye on it, uhmn, in it, uhmn… you know what i mean, and as long as it doesn’t get worse, i’ll try not to worry about it.

One thought on “design fail

  1. Ooooooowwwch!!! How’s it feeling now? How’s the eye?
    Those doors make no sense at all! How’s there sposed to be light in them?
    I’d just take them off…

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