a poke in the eye

at the moment i am having my ass kicked by the mother of all migraines.


this image about sums it up

i felt it coming on yesterday morning and promptly took 2 excedrin migraine pills which generally help to stave it off. no such luck. by the time i was driving home from work yesterday afternoon, the feeling that someone was trying to poke my left eye out from the inside, moved over to my right – something it’s never done before, and by  5h30 i’d been smacked flat on my back and into a darkened room, incapacitated. when i got up to feed the dogs, every footstep hurt and i thought i was going to be sick. i even tried the chi-machine, but eventually just wound up just sitting and rocking on the floor in the dark.

i tried just lying in the dark, i tried deep breathing, i went and picked some lavender from my garden. all this is supposed to help. it didn’t.

more than 24 hours later, the worst of it seems to have subsided, though i feel somewhat battered, like i’ve already gone 17 rounds. the make-up artist at work gave me some concoction which helped a tiny bit and then i went to the pharmacy for something called a “migraine pack”. she was not particularly eager to dispense said meds and advocated some anti-inflammotories and as my migraines tend to be period related, she recommended that i also try a diuretic.

(seeing that i was already at the pharmacy, i went ahead and got a flu-shot – what with everyone antsy about the latest snoutbreak. hope it doesn’t make me feel worse.)

though, i must say, even as i’m writing this, the various remedies seem to be doing their thing. it feels like the failwhale being lifted off my shoulders by those twitter-birds.

but slowly.

what do you do for a migraine? i’d love to know the cure.

update: when i got to work today, a fellow migraine suffererer gave me a zomig instamelt – a tablet you put under your tongue and allow to melt. i think i felt a difference within the next half hour. maybe this is the answer!

4 thoughts on “a poke in the eye

  1. hello 🙂
    your so optimistic !
    thats so nice to see these days everyone is so negative about things.
    your like a charctaer from a book, i bet you make a great friend. The migraine sucks, Ive have one and oh my god i wanted to jump from the harbour bridge. lol
    anyways, i really like reading about you 🙂
    Take Care, ciao.

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