just done it!


really! i swear i did – and there are photos somewhere out there to prove it.


i finally ran that 10k race! 


i have 10 000 reasons to look that smug!

i have 10 000 reasons to look that smug!


ok, so did thousands of other women (and men – in drag, it being the spar ladies race. one guy ran with a micro-mini riding up to reveal his thong underneath! one in a wig and handbag, many in fish-tights!) 

so after a few false starts (figuratively speaking), i followed nike’s advice and just did it. starting on march 23rd by walking half a lap and running half, it took me till end september to get to 10k’s. then followed  a major hiccup in which i did virtually no running since then. this morning, i eventually crossed the finish line of my self-inflicted non-new-year’s-resolution resolution to run a 10k race this year.

and did i mention i don’t even like running? 

i suppose it was appropriate that arnold geerdts was the mc for the event, seeing that he’s the one who figuratively gave me a shove onto the internet to find that couch to 10k program. he can take the blame, i’ll take the credit! 🙂

i said i’d do it. i did it. 1h 9 minutes. and i have the blistered toes to prove it. 

now if i NEVER run again in my life, it will be too soon.

just done it!

just done it!

if i can only dodge the friend pestering me to do the carnival city 10k next weekend! 

and the original purpose of this blog, to help me stick to my goal and take me across the finish line, is served! now whatever will i write about?! ha!

3 thoughts on “just done it!

  1. thanks po! let’s just say i haven’t gotten much else done for the rest of the day! and i’ve had the foresight to book a long overdue massage for tomorrow. can’t wait!

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