spar ladies race – 10k

ok. i’m officially crapping myself. 

went to pick up my t-shirt and number (#3276)  for the spar ladies race 10k tomorrow morning and had a look at the route. i’m scared. 

i’m feeling so underprepared. 2 months ago, i was in top shape and more than ready. then i had the whole laser peel drama as well as problems with my lungs and since then i feel like i’ve been hauling myself up a mountainside with nothing but dental floss! i’ve run exactly 7 times in the last 8 weeks and 5 out of those were in the last 10 days.

i did 8k’s on monday, 6.4k’s on wednesday and 5k’s last night. and each time it’s been slower than the pace i used to run months ago and i’ve been pretty exhausted after. the realization is sinking in that i may not be quite prepared for this. i’ve been running only on the track, whereas tomorrow, i’m going to have to overcome road-surface and hills. i’ve only run 10k’s once before and that was almost 2.5 months ago.

still, i’m determined. i’m going to finish this thing if it kills me. which it won’t.

good for me! 😉

wish me luck and check back tomorrow this time folks!

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