deja vu – all over again.

yesterday was day one.


feels like deja vu! i’ve had so many day ones on this holy grail quest journey toward my goal of completing a 10k race this year. i noticed somewhere today that there are 106 days left to 2008. 106 days in which to FINALLY reach my goal.

last night i did a tae-bo work out in my living room. i finally found a workout on the 4 disc series which seemed close to the classes i attended at the billy blanks studios in l.a. then i set my alarm so that i could get up this morning and go to the track before i left for work.  i pressed the snooze button a few times, but i gave myself a good talking to, yanked myself out of bed, into my sneakers, and off to the track.

i can’t say it was easy, but i talked myself through each point of wanting to give up. and there were a few. surprisingly, it wasn’t even my worst time – not great, but not my worst.  aching knees, protesting hips, my buff pulled up almost completely over my face to protect against the sun. 5k’s.

less than 1 month to work myself back up to  be able to do the spar ladies race 10k.

i must admit, i’m getting a little tired of this journey – “are we there yet?”

One thought on “deja vu – all over again.

  1. Hey sass, I went for my first run today after weeks of being injured and lazy. It was awful, I was dying. It is so hard to start again after a long break.

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