flu-ing off the handle

one of my favorite directors at work has a stream of invective he let’s loose like a mantra whenever something goes wrong, like when you bash your knee against a chair, or stub your toe, etc.

right now, i could, profoundly profanely, top that.

last night i suddenly realize that i have a sore throat starting to develop, so i gargle with salt water, i take echinacea, i swallow vitamin c, corenza c, drink more hot water and lemon, etc., all in an effort to stave off a full-blown infection. when i wake this morning, my throat feels thick and swollen and sore and my head is completely gunked up. damn!

at work i discover at least 2 more people with the same symptoms. my head is woozy and i have trouble concentrating. a trip to the work doctor later and i’m diagnosed with flu. piss, crap, poes, etc, etc…

i thought i was immune, seeing that i had a flu shot earlier this season, but the prescribing nurse tells me that  it simply means that i might not get as severe a case as someone else. urgh. i walk out with a bag full of meds which make me even woozier. so much for my 10k this weekend. everyone keeps telling me that i’m insane to even consider it and refer to scary tales of inflamed heart muscles. so yeah, once again the goal posts shift as i sit with stabbing pains in my ears. at least i’ve lined up another 10k for sunday 17th, but i’d really like to get this DONE! 

however, i just found the following on a friend’s blog, so maybe i need to just chill – for now.

There are only three answers to our prayers 

1: “Yes” 

2: “Not Yet” 

3: “I thought of something better for you” 

oh, shit, cunt, poes, piel…  uhmn, okay.

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