so today, a much more pedestrian post, one involving pi-pedal motion. the totalsports ladies race is coming up this saturday,  and my week is hectic, so i won’t have any time to run later in the week. yesterday was the only time i could get to the track, so i went and managed to get in 20 laps/8ks.

i’ve managed to lose about 3kg in the past few weeks since i was complaining about my weight (thanks to stress and replacing a lot of my drinks during the day with  hot water and lemon) and i have to say, yesterday’s run felt remarkably different. so much easier. i felt more stream-lined, like i’d thrown off a whole pile of baggage. it was the fastest time i’ve managed yet: 5k’s – 31:45, 16 laps – 41:30, 8k’s – 52:19. and i actually managed to speed up during the last lap and a half!

i was very sore and exhausted afterwards, but at least i’m confident that i can do it! i must say, i can’t wait for saturday to be able to tick off this particular goal and say done! at least i know my will-power can allow me to achieve whatever i set my mind to. and i have staying power.

though that’s not always such a good thing. but that’s a story for another day.

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