wednesday, july16

had every intention of going to the track this afternoon, but, (sigh) oh well. life got in the way. had to have my car washed as it was closely beginning to resemble a pile of dust and dog hair and pretty soon someone was going to come along and sweep it away. and they took so damned long at the car-wash. made a futile attempt to learn words while i waited. uhm, not so much.

so instead of the track, i headed to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then did a 90 minute stretch class which was awesome and exactly what my very sore body needed. the guy who teaches the class is a treasure – someone i can implicitly trust to know exactly what he’s doing. the class was a mix of dance stretching, pilates and yoga – all of which i sorely need at the moment. so if you’re ever near virgin active, cresta on a wednesday afternoon at 5pm, check out ryan’s stretch therapy class. you won’t regret it!

Shefali Nayan / Soap Bubbles

image by shefali nayan

now it’s time for a concerted effort at learning those words or i’ll be in deep shite in the a.m.! by the time this is published, i will have wept and argued, and despaired and be in the middle of more of the same! oh the fantastic life of a soap actress! 😉

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