there’s many a snip between the (DD) cup and the lip…

i’m sooooooooo tired this morning. had a hard time sleeping last night and it seems to have been the same for a lot of people here at the studio. must have something to do with the full moon.

anyway, so to distract myself, i started web-surfing and stumbled upon a really cool blog called next nature which led me to a site showing before and after pix of………

wait for it,

labial reductions….

yes, you heard right. it seems that vaginal reconstructions and labial reductions – designer vaginas – are becoming extremely common-place and not just among porn-stars! i’ve been watching dr 90210 lately, partly because i get to see parts of my longed-for l.a., but mainly because it’s like a train-wreck – it’s so hard to look away! i mean, effete dr. rey with his anorexic/bulimic?/control-freak wife make me both squirm and amaze me that such people exist – and at the same time, i can understand her a little bit – i too have been the unhappy, unfulfilled “hollywood wife” whose life is supposed to centre around her husband.

anyway, i digress. so the show features mainly boob jobs, or to be more pc, breast augmentations, but there have also been a few vaginal reconstructions (i don’t know if they show the x-rated bits elsewhere, but here in south africa, it’s blurred out). i wonder if this is contributing to making people believe it’s “normal”. though admittedly, i was floored about 2 years ago, when the PR person at the place i bought my car, right here in johannesburg, (pretty and trim and blonde and afrikaans – which usually adds up to fairly conservative) casually informed that she’d gone for “labiale reduksie”. yup, that’s right, she’d had her lips snipped… i could barely believe that she was that open about it!

look, the pictures were not pretty, yet i can’t imagine some guy is going to choose to undergo elective surgery in order to make his penis more presentable and i don’t understand why any woman would want to- you know, in parts of africa we call having your vagina cut and sewn smaller, genital mutilation!

by the time i’d finished looking at those pictures, my lower body was in spasm – partly from sitting in the cold at 2a.m., but mainly from having my legs clamped so tightly shut.

i. don’t. think. so!!! they say loose lips sink ships, but if snipped lips are the alternative, i think i’ll keep on being a gossip!

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