WTF?! II – content hijacking

ok, guys, i need some help here.

i, purely by chance, found my post from yesterday on a blog called cumulative love which seems to simply copy and paste random blogs from all over the web – that’s right, they simply hijack other people’s content for their own use.

and no, i’m not flattered.

my creations are mine to share and if you want to use them, at least give me some credit! i spent an hour going through their site to see if they actually link to me, because on the stand-alone page i found, there was none. in the site, when i finally found it (cos they have endless content – well, they didn’t have to create it, did they?!), they admittedly do credit “cybersass”, but when you click on it, all you get is this.

how do i stop this from happening? and what are my rights?

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