monday, july 15th

ok. so this is a little experiment. i’m going to see if i can separate the purely fitness/running/exercise posts and put them on a separate page. just for my own edification.  the experiment didn’t work.

so it took a certain amount of talking to myself, but i made it to the gym tonight. 

1 salsa class (which was okay, seeing that i’m not really a salsa afficianado – though, to toot my own horn, the level is such that i was still one of the best dancers in the class – not that that’s saying much! )

1 kata box class – led by the same guy with whom i’ve tag-teamed classes. i used to hate his class. he’s always off the beat and being an ex cardio-kick-boxing instructor, i know way more routines, but at least it got me moving and most of all – it got me really sweating for the first time in ages. 

let’s see if i can keep this up.

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