20 random things about me

after all the talk of sickness and death the last while, i thought i’d just do a frothy, arb post to lighten the mood, so here’s something about me, me , me and me! 😉

20 arbitrary things you might or might not know about me:

  1. i love hats. did i mention i LOVE hats? funky hats, knitted hats. hats. i’m the cat in the hat. oh, and shoes. and bags.
  2. i LOVE bundaberg diet ginger beer. i also love stoney ginger beer , but seeing as i’m always struggling with the jiggles, bundaberg takes precedence.
  3. i have really good short term memory. i can learn a scene by reading through it 3 times with someone. and then i promptly forget it all as i walk out the studio.
  4. as an adult there has been a 20kg difference between me at my skinniest and my heaviest. (guess which end of the spectrum i’m at now!) :/
  5. i’ve been in the same room as nelson mandela and didn’t beg to shake his hand. *shakes head*
  6. i’ve been on most of the continents – from russia to fiji.
  7. i drove a motorcycle for 5 years before i learnt to drive a car at the age of 25. and i’ve not driven a motorcycle since, come to think of it. maybe because it was stolen. that’s why!
  8. i’ve only just discovered torrents. check out vuze.com.
  9. the library was my babysitter. it saved me. libraries are holy. every book is a bible.
  10. there have been times in my life when i’ve been a complete bitch, but i’m actually really nice.
  11. i’m damn good at what i do, and i love acting, but secretly, i’ve always wanted to do radio.
  12. i love thrift stores. LOVE . like getting high kinda love. like addicted.
  13. i’m quite decisive about not making up my mind. i’m wonderfully contradictory like that. you know, straightforwardly oblique.
  14. i learnt to hula-hoop at the age of 36. it changed my life.
  15. i’ve only had dogs for the past 2 years, but now they own me. even though the bitch snores like a truck-driver.i don’t care if i’m covered in dog hair. actually i do, but i’d rather have the dogs.
  16. i’m not a great swimmer, but i’m padi advanced  scuba certified.
  17. i LOVE big sterling silver rings. actually i love chunky sterling silver jewellery in general.
  18. i knit. and crochet. in fact, i’m a real stitchin’ bitch.
  19. i’m a qualified school teacher, but i’ve never taught. not officially, that is.
  20. i never thought i’d be an actor. i wanted to be a journalist. now i blog. like you didn’t know that. 🙂

let’s pretend this is a meme and if you like, you’ve been tagged! tell me about you! i’d like to know. really!