you’ve come a long way, baby!

jeez, i’m feeling decidedly ancient! we have a new actor on our show and it turns out that i am exactly twice as old as he is! i think i look fairly decent for my age, but damn, acting opposite someone half one’s age is enough to make one feel decrepit.

anyway, what with eskom’s scheduled “load shedding” leaving us all in the dark and powerless, i only got out of the studio at 7pm and there was no way i was going to repeat the running the track in the dark experience. it was all i could do to decide what pizza to order ( yay, more cheese after my cheese toast in the morning. very unusual seeing that i normally avoid dairy what with being so allergic to it) and make my way to the couch.
what a strange day! started out banging my head and nearly giving myself a black eye on the edge of the step-stool in the kitchen as i bent to pick something up. then i bashed my thigh into the table. next i dropped the sandwich i’d spent 10 minutes making. later i closed my nail in the toilet door. and then something went wrong with the equipment in the studio while we were trying to shoot my first scene of the day. a weirdness seeming to permeate the air. feel like i’ve got my own private mercury retrograde at the moment.
fortunately the cough from the night before seemed to fade away. though i am suddenly eating like a horse. been about 3 weeks since i drank any alcohol, but either it’s the time of month, or all this running which is majorly boosting my appetite.
day 5 this week. yup, i’ve come a long way, baby! probably because i don’t smoke virginia slims or anything else for that matter! ran 3 sets of 2 laps each. 1 lap walking to start off with and inbetween. still largely mind over matter. on the last set i decided to run at a pace that i enjoy, rather than pushing, but i was still panting at the end. roughly 5 minutes per set, 2.30 or less per lap.
i persevere. it’s going to become fun even if it kills me!
ha. bloody ha.

thursday’s run

today has just been way too long. it’s not 8pm yet here in johannesburg and i am whipped, barely staying upright infront of my computer.

had to be up at 5.30a.m. for a very long day in the studio. endless scenes back to back. lots of words to memorize and for some reason i struggled to fall asleep last night. 
got back from the studio at about 6.15 this evening. rushed in, changed and got to the track by 6.30.
i was hoping that the track would be lit up, but everything was actually pretty scarily bathed in long dark shadows so that one couldn’t see anything from one side of the track to the other. if lasz hadn’t come along and hung out in the middle of the field with the puppy, i don’t know if i would have stayed. i could see the outlines of guys hanging out in the darkness on the grassy knolls on the side of the track. probably just students, but if there weren’t someone watching my back i wouldn’t felt comfortable enough to stay or to wear my ipod for my run. 
there was also the time constraint of the track closing at 7. i went for a fast warm up walk around the track and then probably started out my run too fast. running in the cool darkness should have felt good, but i was a little too apprehensive to enjoy it and my chest hurt. today’s 3 laps should have been easy after yesterday’s 8, but felt as hard. i only walked 1 and 1/2 laps and then ran only 2&1/2 because i needed to get the car out of the lot before 7.
i’m glad i made the time to fit my run into an impossible schedule, but i think i might have to go to the gym the next time i have to run after dark. 
that was not a pleasant experience.
got home and couldn’t stop coughing. am hoping i’m not coming down with a cold. am exhausted. another 5.30 a.m. morning tomorrow and another long day at the studio which will probably be made longer by load shedding. 
urgh! the joy’s of living here on the tip of africa!