i really love my dogs, but…


they seem to regard my furniture, clothes, belongings, etc, as very expensive chew toys. even when i spend a fortune on chews for them!

panty thief

panty thief

no regard for modesty – or my underwear!

my patio table
                                                              my patio benches

my patio gate -beyond repair




my expensive custom made patio furniture doesn’t stand a chance! i’ve tried everything to make them stop – i’ve used spray that’s supposed to keep them away. uh-uh, not working. i’ve mixed up cayenne and vinegar and painted that on – yum! zee seems to think i seasoned it specially to make it even tastier! urgh! what do i do?!

my stoep plants, one lone survivor

chai arrived and took a liking to my very special plants – and taught zee that chewing up the foliage was a delicious idea!

the day chai arrived - before he ate the plants!

the day chai arrived - with the plant he proceeded to demolish!

kleenex on what used to be a clean stoep


the various chewed up socks, have long since gone with the trash!

exhausted after a day of destruction


at least i’ve stopped zee from sleeping on my head! (only by banishing her off the bed permanently once she peed on me one night!)

though how do i resist them when they’re this cute!?

zee the first nightzee the night she first arrived.   

sass and zee - it must be luurv!

sass and zee - it must be luurv!

can you tell i was smitten?

sleeping on the couch
sleeping on the couch when zee was smaller     


chai and zee
chai and zeechai and zee posing

i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again, i’m so damned puppy-whipped!  even with the hurricane of destruction that is chai and zee, i wouldn’t want to live without them!

time for dog-aholics – 

step one, i admit i am powerless. my life has become unmanageable.

no doubt!