calling huey…

last night, i poisoned the bf. he’d finally pissed me off so much that i decided enough, he had to go.
ok, so maybe that’s not the truth, but i’m sticking to my story. i mean, i’m not admitting that it was my fault that we both landed up with painfully cramping stomachs, bowing down to the white telephone and calling huey at 01:30a.m.. uh-uh, definitely not doing that. 😉

Improperly packaged food stored at the wrong temperature also promotes contamination.

that’s what i found out when i googled food poisoning and i guess i stored food “at the wrong temperature”. what with my insane schedule, i decided to cook dinner early. made a delicious chicken curry which i don’t make very often, switched off the stove around 5, went to gym and then to a post-wrap meeting at the studio. got home at 8, was too tired to be bothered with re-heating the food, so we proceeded to eat it cold.

fast-forward to the early hours of the morning when i woke up as the bf bolted for the bathroom and proceeded to be violently ill. only as we got back in bed did i realize that i wasn’t  feeling so hot myself. repeat scenario, this time with me in the lead role, enacting reluctant emesis.

so, today, i would say, was not so much of awesome. breakfast and lunch consisted of a few small cans of coke which i normally would not consider allowing past my lips. and now i suspect that the bile which went up my nose is brewing into a not so fun sinus infection.  not quite what i had planned as a way to kick off the weekend.

so i guess the moral of the story is that if you’re going to poison your loved one,

  • do it properly,
  • try not to poison yourself,
  • or at least make sure to thoroughly re-heat your food if it’s been standing for a while.