to your health.

i thought i’d do a little update on some  health issues that i’ve mentioned before.

first of all, the finger. you might remember that i wound up in the ER on valentine’s day after attempting to make my finger part of the meal i was preparing. a few stitches and some painkillers later, i was all good. sort-of. it took about a week before i could remove the stitches and now it’s looking pretty normal. it’s still pretty sensitive when i bash it into something, but you only notice the fact that it’s 3 millimetres shorter than the other when i line them up to compare.

as for the depression which nearly made me feel like jumping off a bridge in january, that too seems to be something of the past. yes, i still have highs and lows, but i no longer feel like i’m free-falling and  about to go splat. obviously i am one of those many women who simply cannot handle hormones and even though i was on the pill for 18 years till i stopped about 10 yrs ago, and never noticed that it affected my psyche, now it’s impossible. 6 wks on the pill and i was ready to off myself. offing the pill instead, made a world of difference. hallelujah! a homeopath friend has also suggested that i take some 5htp for a while to boost my serotonin levels. so, if you’re on the pill and you’re feeling depressed, it just might be time to see your doctor and see if the one has something to do with the other.

as for my sciatica. let’s just say i still have a bum hip and i’m still not running. 😦 i probably have to go back for a few more jabs from the mean accupuncturist.

oh, and the 4-legged one is healing fantastically so far. if we could just keep her from acting as if there’s nothing wrong with her, she’ll be fine.

so, that’s the latest on my health. here’s to yours.

3 thoughts on “to your health.

  1. Eesh I have always been terrified of taking the pill. I have been suffering terrible PMS with emotions all over the place, and some people said I should take the pill, and some said it would make it worse. I think I prefer to go pill-less. I’m glad you figured out what was the problem though!

  2. I also cannot take the pill…I suffer from depression in general and when I tried the pill, it really did not help. The one thing that your post reminded me was that many people suffer from similar things. I have always felt like a bit of freak for my non-pill using…

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