doing nothing can be something

after last week’s hectic schedule of  7-7, mon-fri, the only thing i wanted to do this past weekend, was nothing!  and to a large extent, that’s exactly what i did.

friday night the bf went out clubbing with a friend, while i was quite content to stay home. he works from home mostly and gets a bit stir-crazy, wanting to get out of the house, while i’m away from home for at least 12 hrs most days at  the moment, so guess where i want to be?

was woken up early by the dogs on a rainy saturday morning and went to get some accupuncture for the sciatica which has been plaguing me for a few weeks now and has severely impacted my running program. fortunately there’s a highly recommended accupuncturist just a few kilometres from my house. the only problem is that he’s merciless. jabs each needle in with no compunction and even less mercy. i found myself crying out a few times as i got jabbed. hoping it works.

back home i made us some breakfast and then on the spur of the moment, we went and hung out with a friend for most of the middle of the day. that visit reminded me of the way we used to hang out at each other’s houses when i was living in yeoville in the late 80’s. there’d be no plans, you wouldn’t go out, there were no cell-phones or internet  and what tv there was, wasn’t great – but we had each other’s couches and kitchens and open doors. we were each other’s entertainment and support, playing card games and shooting the breeze and i spent some of the happiest times of my life around my friends’ kitchen tables. ok, admittedly copious amounts of certain green stuff might have gone up in smoke during those visits, but it was the ease and effortlessness of those relationships which will stay with me always. now we make plans and we know that at the last moment we can always send an sms to cancel. makes me nostalgic for those days.

spent most of the rest of saturday working on my scripts, reading and preparing for the coming week. sunday morning we went out for our first bike ride since the 94.7 race last november, our race numbers still stuck to our helmets. i think i stopped riding both because i injured my knee during the race, but also, i’m no longer keen on driving 40 minutes so that we can ride. this time, instead, we wheeled the bikes out the gate and rode around the neighborhood. we ketp it short and  it felt good to do something physical, but it probably wasn’t the best idea with my sciatica.

sunday night i declined the party we were invited to as i was the only person working on the public holiday. i didn’t want to cut the bf’s night short simply because i had to work next morning which meant i would’ve had to drive home alone  and i didn’t want to drink and drive. and i didn’t want to be the only sober one at the party, so it  seemed like the best idea to stay put and out of trouble and be alert for work first thing in the morning. so instead of partying it up with the rest of my friends, i very responsibly stayed home and most appropriately, watched a few episodes of “house”.

the bf finally rolled into bed around 5am, just shortly before i had to roll myself out and off to work. i’m sorry i missed the party, but i’m kinda glad i chose to do nothing instead.



2 thoughts on “doing nothing can be something

  1. Those quiet do-nothing weekends can be bliss! We schedule one weekend a month on which we accept no invitations or make any plans and then take the weekend as we feel like it- staying in bed catching up on series watching or date night, doesn’t matter. There’s nothing set.

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