it’s only money!

ok, following on that last post: it’s been a great weekend!

results from the vet were that zee’s hip aren’t as bad as we thought. she’s having a knee op this coming friday and she’s been put on anti-inflammatories which have transformed her. she’s suddenly hoovering up her food like she hasn’t done in almost a year. she’s asserting her alpha status around here again, jumping up and down, barking, walking up the stairs like she’s never had an issue. i really cannot believe the difference it’s made. the vet’s hoping that if she responds enough, it will mean that she won’t need further operations.

ok, not so great news for my credit-card, but all i can think is, it’s only money. it’s only money which will buy zee a good few more years.

so we’ll go pluck it off a tree somewhere. 🙂


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