the last 2 days have been so strange at work. imagine walking into a place which used to be always abuzz with activity and you find…


the parking garage feels empty. suddenly there’s always a place to park. the smoker’s corner is deserted. there’s a big, beautiful building which suddenly seems, and is, emptied.

it’s like walking into a ghost-house. i’m sure we’ll get used to it, but for now it just leaves me feeling sad and missing a lot of really cool people who most certainly are not downstairs.

as for  my 4-legged baby: zee is at the vet overnight for her mri in the morning. by mid-day tomorrow we should be out of this limbo and have some kind of idea as to how to proceed. let’s hope the universe is merciful and brings good news – even it means we’ll have to start budgeting seriously to be able to pay for any of these procedures. just the x-rays and the mri alone are costing  R5000. thank goodness for credit cards and damn my brother for sending me this creature that has so stolen my heart.

zee shortly after she arrived almost 3 yrs ago.


damn it! bless him. and bless her.

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