of nipple-caps, wedding dresses, walkabouts and shower-stalls

wow, what a looong weekend!

thursday night the bf and i headed over to the victory theatre to catch survivor winner, gigi in her one woman show, “nipple caps and g-strings”. if you have any illusions that learning 90 minutes worth of dialogue and holding the stage and an audience on your own for that long is easy, think again. i really take my hat off to her for a thoroughly entertaining (and educational!, though not the kind your mom would approve of!)  job well done! kudos. and she has the best body! not just for her age. any woman would kill to have her shape.

friday  i was really looking forward to hanging out with one of my favorite people, who was up from cape town, but the dreaded lurgie got her and so i didn’t. 😦  instead, lasz and i headed off to the lollipop lounge at gigi’s invitation, where i got up on stage (no, not in nipple caps and g-strings. i think her clientele would have been horrified! ) and did a flagging and hooping demo. you know, just another day in the life of your average 40-something year old!  😉  (fortunately there are no pictures!)

saturday, was the big day.

about to leave for the wedding, wearing sass designs, of course!

it was all systems go for the #anglugwedding, the social network wedding of the year, the first wedding streamed online, and a blazing example of how the interwebz can transform lives. these are 2 people i never would have met, but for my online social networks, just as they themselves would never have met if not for both being bloggers! it was so much of awesomeness. twitter was abuzz. people came all the way from cape town and johannesburg to be there. and the love was tangible. angel looked ravishing in a gorgeous dress which was just perfect for her, glugster looked dashing and the two were the perfect emodiment of the quote on their wedding invite, that “love happens”. head over to jenty’s blog , (she was official photographer) for exquisite pictures of the day.

there was much craziness in the photo booth, with much gigglng, groping,

in the photo booth with the bride and exmi

and in the case of rubyletters and claudetschepen, i think, even googling!

we had a great time at our table, with the bf hitting it off fabulously with sexyg and becausel. we danced, we drank and i think i can safely say, a fabulous time was had by all.

sunday i was up bright and early to go and do the discovery/702 walk the talk. there was some drama with getting race packs, but finally the bf and i headed off to the start where we met up with literally thousands of people . i insisted on taking my hula hoop and though it was a bit of a pain lugging it through the dense crowds, i hooped to the music playing at the different refreshment stop along the way, and i hope, entertained the crowd. it was my first time doing the walk and after a month off from gym, i certainly could feel my feet as we were walking at quite a clip!

this morning we were up early to take a shower before the construction crew arrived. yup, more renovations! this time they’re ripping out the horrible shower stall which cuts out almost all the light in the bathroom, making it look like a bit of a damp dungeon, and replacing it with glass. thank goodness the terrible 70’s style shower floor mosaic is also being replaced!

of course there’s dust and rubble everywhere and we won’t be able to shower for a week, but i’m looking forward to it all being done! fingers crossed.

anyway, that about covers the last 4 days. i very much doubt the next 4 will be as eventful!


5 thoughts on “of nipple-caps, wedding dresses, walkabouts and shower-stalls

  1. Hey, sexy Sassy! I haven’t been reading your blog for a while – cool to catch up. You’re looking great. Hope to connect some time, dunno when. Hi to “the bf”. Luv, T

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