quick recap on a  good weekend.

ostrich for dinner on friday. yum.

somewhat hung-over in the a.m., but went to a baby shower on saturday. arrived and parked my car outside in the street. a little later, i said to someone who was leaving, ” think i’ll just go and move my car inside, because i’ve got the car that’s going to get stolen”. moved my car.  proceeded to develop a massive migraine. took some meds, got massaged and passed out on my friend’s bed to wake up a few hours later to the not-s0-much-music of police radios and the sound of male voices in the kitchen. it’s a baby shower, remember. no males. wtf?!

turns out the woman who’d arrived when i was moving my car, had become a reluctant party to a redistribution of wealth. except it was her husband’s car! though, how’s that for intuition on my part? or is it just a bad sign of our times that you expect your car to be stolen when you park it in the street?

sunday, more ostrich at a friend’s braai. (i really need some good recipes to cook ostrich!) for some reason, this was the weekend where people fed me. and fed me well. maybe too well, i might add, as i peruse my expanding girth! hey, i said “girth”!  *giggle*  =)

ok, can you tell i’m over-tired and  just being silly? and now i’m  procrastinating seeing that i have a hectic day tomorrow with 8 major scenes back to back and i still have libraries of words to learn.

so, i’m out. but i kept my word, i shared my words.


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