word. play.

i woke up this morning all sorts of out of sorts.

short of sort of.


not sought after.

short of laughter.

proverbially hanging from the rafters.

i think i might be in need of crafting

a new life.

striving to be seen,

to thrive,

to arrive living on the other side

of this uphill climb

despite sore limbs and aches,

feeling broken and borked.

it’s work

this looking in the mirror of my soul

and sorting out the mis-shapen mess

of all sorts.

out of shorts.

sort of.

sought after.




this is daft.

i think it’s best i laugh

at myself,

stop crying in my cups,

abort this line of thought

and pull myself up.

here’s the long and the short of it:

this false evidence appearing real –

it’s bullshit.

cease delay.

carpe the fucking diem!

sieze the day.

word up, sister.

tear up your list of woes and put your sass on display.

now get up off your ass.

go outside.



quick recap on a  good weekend.

ostrich for dinner on friday. yum.

somewhat hung-over in the a.m., but went to a baby shower on saturday. arrived and parked my car outside in the street. a little later, i said to someone who was leaving, ” think i’ll just go and move my car inside, because i’ve got the car that’s going to get stolen”. moved my car.  proceeded to develop a massive migraine. took some meds, got massaged and passed out on my friend’s bed to wake up a few hours later to the not-s0-much-music of police radios and the sound of male voices in the kitchen. it’s a baby shower, remember. no males. wtf?!

turns out the woman who’d arrived when i was moving my car, had become a reluctant party to a redistribution of wealth. except it was her husband’s car! though, how’s that for intuition on my part? or is it just a bad sign of our times that you expect your car to be stolen when you park it in the street?

sunday, more ostrich at a friend’s braai. (i really need some good recipes to cook ostrich!) for some reason, this was the weekend where people fed me. and fed me well. maybe too well, i might add, as i peruse my expanding girth! hey, i said “girth”!  *giggle*  =)

ok, can you tell i’m over-tired and  just being silly? and now i’m  procrastinating seeing that i have a hectic day tomorrow with 8 major scenes back to back and i still have libraries of words to learn.

so, i’m out. but i kept my word, i shared my words.