tonight’s the night.

publicity pic, with 'fro!, taken the day before we got dropped on the island (i'm, of course, wearing one of my dresses!)

survivor south africa, santa carolina edition

tonight, 20 january 2010, on m-net at 7:30pm

and please, be kind! 😉

3 thoughts on “tonight’s the night.

  1. You look lovely! I LOVE your ‘fro – It’s beautiful, but I’m pretty sure it is easy for me to love because I don’t have to manage it!

    Enjoyed the episode! You were great! I really hope I get to see much more of it and you.

    • thanks heather. yeah, managing a fro is not as care free as it looks! keep watching! it’s hard to tell what will happen as the editors decide how to tell the story. expect lots of twists and turns though.

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