a life offline

ok, after months of blogging regularly, of engaging daily on twitter, basically, extensively social networking, meeting cool new people, it’s really strange to find myself with almost no time for an online life right now.
life is so incredibly hectic as i prepare to leave for l.a. and as i’m trying to set up my new clothing line as well as recuperate from surgery. i find myself going more and more onto facebook, but only because i’m trying to make burning man plans (cos the majority of my burner friends hang out there on the book of the faces).
for the rest i run from the label place to the various fabric wholesalers, to the cmt making up samples and lines, i spend ages infront of my computer dealing with the images, planning things one way, then having to completely give up on that plan and try things a different way. all while designing crazy costumes for the playa and burning man.

my equally insane, multi-talented friend verity is also making the trek to black rock city and we’ve spent hours in my freezing improvised outside studio, co-designing and making matching zebra outfits – with manes and tails – to take with us. hopefully she won’t mind me posting this pic of her in the outfit, mid-design. i’ve made an alternate top out of the zebra fabric so we have a choice and the fur boot covers got a re-design. i finally had to drag out the vacuum and clean up the tons of left over fur which was driving me crazy.

african zebra for burning man

african zebra for burning man

now i have to jump in my car and take my handsome, wonderful dog, chai to the spca (the booysens branch, which is where  i was lucky enough to get him). we discovered yesterday that he’s lost a front tooth and the rest of his teeth which were also worn, are even more so. even though he’s very healthy, he’s never quite got rid of the sneeze he arrived with, so, here i go, making the trek across town as soon as i post this.

dizzy. dizzy bizzy!

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