feels like i got my ass kicked…

wednesday night:

ok. i wrote this post almost a week ago and didn’t post it cos i wrote it while still slightly woozy from anesthetic and thought it was very poorly written. i was planning on doing a rewrite, but my week is fast getting away from me and i can see i’ll never get round to it. so, even though i should probably send it to the grave yard for poorly written blog posts, here it is anyway:


written last friday night:

if i’m truly honest, then i’ll admit that i’m feeling like i got my ass kicked by this week.

first, my not necessarily first choice of becoming self employed happened on monday. then i struggled to get my logo and swing tag transferred from photoshop into corel draw or some equivalent vector program so that i could place my order. at 5:30pm tonight we finally got close to a final version. soon.

tuesday i finally went in for the bbl treatment to try to reverse the damage from my laser disaster. it still was not exactly painfree, but at least my face hasn’t fallen off. more about that another time. later that day i went to get a dental cleaning and have my grindguard/retainer built up as it was getting pretty close to ground through. when i went to pick it up next day, however, the very reputable dental office had *lost* it. now i wear this retainer every night because i have a habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep and having had braces as an adult, i will have to wear my retainer pretty much for ever, or my teeth will try to migrate to their original positions.

anyway, my guard was lost and i was heading into hospital next day for minor surgery. now those of you who’ve had surgery will know that it requires nil per mouth by 10 pm the night before. which is fine when your surgery is at 7 am, but when you’re waiting till almost noon before you go on the slab, you end up desperate just for a sip of water.

anyway, surgery left me feeling like i’d run into a brick wall. not fun. came to in excruciating pain from the gas they’d pumped into me. the morphine they pushed into me left me sleeping for most of the 36 hours i spent in hospital. all in all i was pretty well taken care and despite trying to go incognito, had a funny moment with the technician fixing the tv in my room when i suddenly appeared on the screen and he did something like a triple take!

this afternoon on the way back from hospital i got to stop in at the dentist who had in the meantime located my grindguard and have it properly fitted before i made home to pass out on the couch with my laptop in order to deal with overdue email.

oh, and a week of surprises. my husband had been talking about coming out to s.a. to do a small movie – well this week he suddenly showed up in johannesburg. almost 20 years exactly since we met. and tonight my mom called the s.o. to say she was on a bus and arriving tomorrow. i’ve no idea where she’s going to sleep. not prepared at all for her arrival.  he just laughed at me and said he knows where i got my stubborn streak from. sheesh. i think i’ll just go to sleep now.

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