broken news

or what’s really been going on…

so i know i’ve  been a little obscure lately, talking about news i had, stuff i was going through, but couldn’t yet talk about. well, here it is. i’m still processing, so i’m just going to post 2 messages i sent out to friends. one went out last  saturday, the other went out this evening. from breaking news to broken news……

hello my friends,

so it’s not general news yet and you heard it here first and funny as it may sound, no it’s not a joke….

but at 45 and a half years of age, i find myself, suddenly, expecting the unexpected. yes, you heard right. i’m pregnant.
only just. it’s very early days. (trust me to know almost immediately.) and anything could, tho hopefully won’t, go wrong,
but yes, as the age-old saying goes, “whoomp, there it is!” 😉
i guess, everything will unfold as it should. just though you’d like to know.


thank you everyone for your lovely and loving responses to my news.

it’s taken me this long to respond because the reality is that within 24 hours of my message, i starting spotting and my breaking news has turned into broken news. it’s been a delightful time in the clouds of hopefulness and dreams of what could be, but it seems i am now in the midst of a rather slow miscarriage.

i’m ok. i was always realistc and aware that this could happen. i’m glad it’s now, rather than later. i’m happy that it happened before i saw a heartbeat because i don’t know if i wouldn’t have been able to deal with this as well if that had been the case.

it was a lovely dream. thank you for being wonderful people in my life. thank you for your support.



so there you have it – come to the egg and fry… or scramble some very old eggs.

i’m ok. or i will be.


15 thoughts on “broken news

  1. Quite the mini roller coaster you rode. I am sorry that for your loss but dreams do and can become reality.

    I’m keeping up and supporting although mostly silently. I hope to see you when you are state-side.

  2. Sorry this happened to you.
    I’ve been on the male side of this a couple of times, and it can be a hammer blow of disappointment- hug for you, and a hug for him.

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